Saturday, November 24, 2012

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9/10/100 MC
Teiko Fujito patterns tatted in Ladytat’s Wildflower thread are
 exactly what I needed between sessions with the Big Ones! 

Anybody had experience with this thread? I quite like it, but you have to really tighten the rings - and I didn’t realize that till I had already completed several. This motif would probably have been a bit smaller, had I tightened it up as much as I ought to have.
This is another Jennifer WIlliams pattern and so pretty - except I could not - absolutely could NOT - understand the instructions to tat the celtic picots. So I improvised and made up my own join! Not too shabby either - compare it to Jennifer’s:

Honey Napkin Update

As there will be beads...

More red coming...


  1. Ah! Now I know what to do with my pill box!

    Love the motifs, and I think you did a great job improvising your picots.

  2. Oooh, pretty! Love the red beads on your napkin. And Teiko's pattern is so nice in LadyTat's thread. I haven't a clue about celtic tatting yet, but your tat looks good!

  3. Bina Madden of Paradise Treasure website has a tutorial for this Celtic picot. That is where I first found out about it. This is the link to the tutorial, Celtic Knotted Picot (CKP)

    Once you understand the concept of wrapping the thread round the pencil (or any object), you should breeze through it.

  4. The red beads are a perfect touch! The celtic picots look interesting. Or baffling.

  5. As always your tatting is lovely. I am hoping when I get around to tatting that napkin it turns out as pretty as yours. Your pill box idea is wonderful!

  6. the easiest way i remember how to do the celtic picot, is to make a knot on the thread, enlarge it... this is where i put my ring finger in it to prevent it from closing. then i wrap he thread like a normal ring.

  7. Hi Everybody!
    Thank you for the tips on the celtic knot. I think it makes a little more sense now, so I shall try it again.
    Fox : ))

  8. Hi Fox

    I am thinking about how to do those picots something I would have to play with before I could tell you, perhaps if you emailed her and ask the question she would tell you how.

    Hope you have a good sale.

    Have a good weekend
    Love to Gian

  9. Fox, your Honey Napkin is stunningly beautiful!


  10. Glad you did it! I never even realized there was such a thing! I notice that Karen Cabrera has a video (#84) on it, and about half-way through she shows what it looks like after it's formed, done on the first ring, with two interwined loops ready to be joined later on by two other rings.

    I really love those red beads on the doily! Just the right touch!

  11. The Wildflower thread is by Caron, it is a very loose Perle Cotton mostly used for Embroidery. You can find it online I think but also in needle work shops. I bought this in Nordic Needle located in Fargo ND. They also have an online shop.