Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Little Bits Rushed

I see I have been more product-oriented in the past two days, as these are not to my liking as far as the quality of my tatting is concerned. Phooey.

I have been working on the Honey Napkin and feel a tad stressed, as I suspect there is another round to appear very soon for the Snowflake Doily from Renulek, and I want to get as much done as possible on the Honey doily before this occurs. How on earth and why, oh why did I manage to take on two of these gargantuan projects?

But, I do like the shapes!
8/100 MC
The first one, tatted in Ladytats’s Grandmother’s thread is the 5-pointed motif as written by Jennifer Williams.

9/100 MC
The second one is also from the same Jennifer Williams collection and looks very different from the one tatted by Frivole the other day, here!


  1. Hi Fox,

    I love the first motif and the colour.
    Your second motif is beautiful and very different looking in those colours.
    Love to Gian

    1. Thanks, Margaret. Colour does make a huge difference in the way a motif turns out, I agree.
      Fox : )

  2. Time to take a step back? I love both of the motifs, and I did take a closer look at Jennifer's site... lots of good stuff to choose from!

  3. very nice little motifs. you are showing the "back" side of the motif. I wondered what it looked like, as Frivole only shows the other side.

    1. Ladytats,
      Actually, this is how Jennifer’s is pictured in her pattern! Frivole played around with the pattern a bit. : )

  4. Thank you very much for visiting and commenting. Your tatting is always so beautiful. Blissful dear...

  5. I do like the 1st motif and the thread colour is soft and quite appealing. Wild colours in the 2nd motif!

  6. I love your motifs!!! :)
    And the fantastic colors you use!! :)