Wednesday, October 31, 2012

This Time - Bronze

I listed another pair of earrings.  Cute?

I used a thread I got yesterday for the "Napkin" - the 18 rounder! -  of Renulek's blog from 2011 thatI I have begun in another colour, but may add this one in.

It is a tad thick for earrings I suppose, but I LOVE the colour and it has great shine.  Finca #8 - again! I just had to try it out... I think it works.

This time in red, with a bronze metal centre.  I went searching for these metal centres yesterday and learned that I now have the last of the shop's supply.

Apparently, they will not be re-ordered so I purchased the remaining packages. plans percolating.

I suppose I believe that just because I like them, they will do well in my Etsy shop. We shall see.

I hope that all my tatting buddies in the path of Hurricane Sandy are well.

When disturbed -  TAT.
From: Let It Snow
 #40 Lizbeth

Another of Karey Solomon's ingenious motifs.
That woman can sure design up a storm!
Speaking of storm... My daughter and her family are on higher ground, as I write this. Yesterday, their apartment building in Manhattan was evacuated. 

What a mess those folks in the storm areas have to contend with. Heartbreaking. My family is fortunate in that they suffered no hardship; so many people are in such dire straits.


  1. Hi Fox

    Beautiful earrings, gorgeous motif and lovely colours on both.

    I am so glad you and your family are safe, not a storm to be in and the mess that it has left will take sometime to put right.
    Hopefully it will not cross the Atlantic like most storms normally do.
    Love to Gian
    Hugs Margaret

    1. Thanks, Margaret!

      I hope it doesn't cross - it's a doozey.
      Fox : 0

  2. Earrings- lovely and I think the thread is just right.

    Glad to hear about your family. I'll pray for continued safety.

    1. Thanks, Michelle. Glad you like the thread. I am still not sure.
      Family all well - thank you!
      Fox : )

  3. Replies
    1. Hi, Sue,
      I LOVE the motif.
      Thanks for the comments.
      Fox : )

  4. those are pretty, the red and bronze go well together.

  5. We have been watching the devastation in the news bulletins here: I'm actually rather glad that I had forgotten the fact that your daughter and Mini Boss live in Manhatten! - or I would have been a lot more worried. But I believe the storm made it's way to your neck of the woods now, hope you can stay safely tucked up indoors.
    Is Ontario close to you? my knowledge of Canadian geography is sadly lacking, and my elder son will be going to live there with his wife, for a few years.

  6. Senior moment - still have the kindergarten clamour in my head, I was the driver this morning! - Did I ask you about Ontario?? - it is, of course, Ottawa where my son will be living.

  7. Hi Maureen! You need a map!

    This one shows the provinces, territories and the capital cities of each. : )

    Ottawa is a lovely city. Very pretty.

  8. Glad to hear your family is safe - and I assume you are OK, too! Certainly NY City is a mess! Some kind of miracle prevented Sandy's high winds from invading Pittsburgh, as she turned North. We are so grateful to have experienced only rain off and on for the past few days, with only a few significant wind gusts.

  9. I really like the colour and I don't think that it is too thick for earrings.
    I am very glad that your family is safe!

  10. Good to know you and your family are safe. :)

    Pretty earrings. And the motif's very pretty too. Great stuff.

  11. Your latest earrings look good! "When disturbed - tat" Good motto! Of course, this means I would be tatting all the time, I've been accused of being disturbed a lot! :-) So glad to hear your family are all okay. I'm just glad my daughter and her husband had moved back here from the coast last year.

  12. Thank you, tatting buddies, for the great comments. Much appreciated!
    Fox : )