Sunday, October 7, 2012

Striking While The Iron Sizzles...

Oh, boy.  
This is very tiring. I see how truly obsessive I am.  
Not a pretty sight.

But,the finished product looks to be promising.  Grumpy person, me.  This is supposed to be fun! I am going to take a beak after this one, as I am not fit company!  I just keep thinking about the next ds.

As an interlude, I began the border - again. Ran out of yellow and it is a good thing, as I love the border - with the corner tatted correctly this time - in white with BLUE beads!

Right you are, blue.  If you look at the print, in the centre of the pink flower, you will see the blue colour.  I was surprised when I noticed that and that is when the white border became my decision for the thread choice.

I much prefer this to the yellow with pink beads...

The Travelling Book will begin its journey to Bev this week.
She is the 20th person on the list.  Eighteen to go!

It is interesting to note that Gina, The Tatting Goddess, was the very first person that Angeline went to visit.  I just realized that when I updated the list. I am glad she got to read the book.  : )


  1. I love blue and white together, so you know what my choice would be! ;-)

    1. Diane, I sure do! And this time, I wholeheartedly agree!
      Fox : )

  2. Hi Fox

    Yes I like the white and blue beads, now I have seen it I like it better than the yellow.
    I don't think you as grumpy, I have grumpy here as a husband.
    I hope you are having a nice weekend I did send you an email I hope you got it.
    Love to Gian
    Hugs Margaret

    1. Margaret - I am still chuckling... Check your email...
      Fox ; ))

  3. Oh...that's perfect! The touch of blue is exactly right :-)

  4. First, i'm SO impressed by what I'm seeing on that beautiful blue-stone pendant! You are coming up with such amazing designs - not to mention finding these neat pendants!

    Second, I like the white lace much better on this hanky.

    Third, as I have my own copy of Angeline's book (one of my prize possessions, going back to Christmas 1994), I've always thought you were so generous to lend yours out so others (around the world!!) could see it! It's certainly been on a long journey! Angeline's story is quite amazing, as is that of her husband!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Kathy. This one nearly made me take up ice-fishing instead of tatting... : ))

      I like the white more and more as I tat it.

      Her husband? What about him? Was he mentioned a lot in the book? I do not remember that at all. Where did you learn about him?
      Fox : 0

  5. My knowledge of Walter J. Crichlow came from the internet! Several years ago I looked up info on Angeline, and that's how I came across the "Walter J. and Angeline H. Chrichlow Trust Prize, awarded by the AIAA (at Purdue, Gina's employer!) every four years to a deserving recipient in the field of Aeronautics or Astronautics It's considered the "Nobel Prize" of Aeronautics. You would think they would explain why it's so prestigious or give some information about Mr. Crichlow's involvement in aeronautics and how the Trust Prize came to be! He apparently worked at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio (where Angeline taught tatting). I thought I had read about his career somewhere, but I can't find anything on the internet now! Interestingly, tucked away in my copy of "Let's Tat" is an article that appeared in Piecework Magazine Nov/Dec 1993 about Angeline that mentions a rather sad chapter in their lives when Mr. Crichlow had a stroke in 1983, and they moved to California to be closer to their daughters. She sent her book to me when she was 84(!) and she mentioned she was 'having trouble getting them bound fast enough to keep up with orders'!! That's when I realized she (with help from the family?) was hand-binding them! Blew my mind! So all I really know at this point is that Walter was involved in aeronautics and no doubt had a prestigious career!

    1. Walter J. Crichlow was my grandfather (and of course Angeline my Grandmother) and he did indeed work for Lockheed skunk works in Burbank and Wright Paterson AFB.
      For further info ...

  6. You are a complete TALENT, Lady Fox!
    Your projects are always amazing!!
    The white with blue is just perfect!

  7. Your new design is looking quite amazing from the glimpses!! :)
    Your doily will look great no matter what colors you use!! :)