Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fourth Finished and Fabbo!

There. NOW it is done!  It took four attempts to get the modified Mosaic  (original design by Karey Solomon)  by to my satisfaction - split chain, split ring and all, to finish in one round.

There are 12 ds in the added middle chain and finally I increased the side chains by one ds each, so they fit better around the outer rings. I did not have to block this one!

Here is the progression to get to this fourth try.



  1. Yay =) I love the new color, it has a really cool effect on the detail.

  2. I really love the first one, it would be great for piecing together a face, and used as the top (to be the hair and forehead).
    They are all beautiful though! Good job!

  3. Hi Fox

    Totally gorgeous, well done I love 3 and 4.

    How is the master give him my love.

    Hugs Margaret

  4. Bravo! It looks excellent, and this thread is so attractive. The circular chain really ties it together, and the open 'triangles' under the 'crowns' are very open now. I'm so impressed you can do this in one pass!

  5. Ah - very pretty! I love the pattern and that beautiful thread :)
    Nice work.

  6. perfect! wonderful. love the color congrats on the work through to get it all in 1 pass.