Friday, October 12, 2012


I tatted this Karey Solomon heart - Peaceable Heart - again last night in order to compare it with the first one I did.

Closely paying attention, I thought I would be able to see a big difference between the first one, rather quickly tatted and with not a lot of attention to tension - and the second one, where I was slow and attentive to each stitch , or so I imagined.

Here they are, side by side.

Honestly, i do not know why I am not capable of achieving the look of the ds that I want.  I do not know what I am doing that makes it miss the mark. So frustrating.

Something Margaret just said... 

I tried this and ... 
it looks a lot better? 

An awful lot better.
Dare I hope...


  1. Hi Fox

    Without touching it I am wondering are you tatting either too tight or too loose, both would give you the same look

    The one on the right does look better than the one on the left.

    Have a good weekend
    Love to Gian

  2. Margaret, Oh noooooo!

    The one on the LEFT is the one I took such care with!

    I guess i should not concentrate so much as it really does not make a difference!

    Gian is delighted I am in a state over this. I swear he is smirking!
    xxooxx Fox : )

  3. Honestly, I don't see that the heart you took the most care with looks looks pretty darned good to me. Pinning it out so that the rings are tilted (which they will naturally do in work such as this) and giving it a quick shot of steam will greatly improve your perception of your tatting.

    Your stitches have evened out so nicely since your first year. You are doing so well, Fox! Just keep tatting.

    BTW, I do see improvement from the one on the right to the one on the left. For example, the Josephine rings on the right aren't always closed that last tiny pinch. Your careful efforts show. Well done, well done!

  4. Hi Fox

    Much better, see you can do it, tell him he can't smirk unless he can tat


  5. Either way, both hearts are sweet!!! :)
    And the edging is very lovely!!! :)

  6. The doing looks fantastic! I don't see a discernible difference between the left and right, but I prefer the one on the right. Is it the beads, I'm not sure but it appeals more. Both are lovely tough!

  7. both look good, I do like the one on the left better. But only because it seems more symmetrical and there are less bare thread spaces when going from rings to chains.
    Honestly, I don't really see what you feel is wrong with your tatting. I think you are doing very well.
    You have a Master Tatter pin, so you can't be doing all that bad. (Some day I will get one, but I will have to retire first.)

  8. You guys in Tat-land are too polite! The hearts are NOT as good as the white sample below. Following something Margaret said I loosened up the right hand action but tightened the pull to close the rings and things seem better - for now! Thanks for your input - even if it is way too kind!
    xxoo Fox : ))

  9. There is a difference if you scrutinize it. The left has more even stitches and the tension is better. Love the beads to the edging!!

  10. Fox if you magnify the photo of the two hearts the one on the left is showing the back side not the front.