Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Berry Blues

... that are actually purple and green.

 I always go and check out Frivole's blog and see what she is up to when I need a small motif diversion, because she usually has something there that I want to tat.  Like the cherries the other day, here.

But I just was not in the mood today to just copy, so this is what happened; one of Diane's doodads and a bit of leftover thread. Not exactly satisfying, but it might be nice as a new car-ornament.  The one hanging behind the mirror is now is looking a bit bleached and forlorn.

AFTERTHOUGHT: I wanted to try a few of those not-closed completely rings - that is why there is bare thread on the two little rings with the picots... It is a fun technique to apply in the right location.

I am already a mite bored with the latest round of the Tat-A-Long as
I complete only 1/3 of the row...  

This is round #4; the last piece Renulek designed was 18 rows! It is going to be a long haul, but I am in for the duration. Solidly hooked.   : )

Now, a quandary:

After the blood - lots -  as I stuck the needle way... never mind... I am wondering how to sew in the ends, now that my tatting is a bit tighter and definitely more consistent in stitch size. 

Maybe I need a sharper needle? The self-threaders seem too bulky at the end to go through the ds. Tapestry needles are quite dull as well. What to do?


  1. Very unique design on top!! :)
    I love the doily! :) I can understand getting bored with it because it seems the snowflake I am working on is a bit similar to the design you are using right now and I keep taking and doing one little bit at a time. Can't wait till it's done!!! :)

  2. What to do? Magic Thread Trick. No sewing needed.

    I stuck a size 16 crochet hook into my finger the other day. Ow.

  3. interesting little doodle.
    your tat a long doily will be pretty when it is finished.
    as for your owie, so sorry.
    I never sew in ends, I use the magic thread trick all the time. works great for me.

  4. Magic thread is FABULOUS!!! Just, start your work by tatting over the magic thread loop and the core thread, and then do another when you get finished, and Voila!
    You have way too many poking accidents to be bothering with hooks and needles!
    Save your fingers!

  5. Can you get Dritz products in Canada? They make a needle, called a "looped needle threader," and they are very, very thin. Each has a big loop to put your thread through - tug it towards the back, and it pops into a small loop.

    I love them for sewing in ends in items tatted with size 40 thread. They come 6 to a blister-pack, and IMHO are well worth the price.

  6. Thanks, Tatters! I have such a mental block about the Magic Trick... maybe it is a leftover from my knitting days... but I suppose whatever it is, I had better get overt it! Thanks! I WILL give it a go!
    Fox : )

  7. Karen Bickerton, from the Qld Tatters showed us a very clever ending trick:you have to take the thread off the shuttle for the last element, which is usually a chain, double it, tat away to the end, join but do not knot the thread...then you pull one end of the doubled thread and lo and behold! - instant finishing, because it pulls right into the stitches.
    It's very effective - but I can't quite master it myself - not yet!
    I have some really really tiny needles from the quilting shop. I think they are called "betweens" - very good for 40 and 80, but 20 does not go through the eye.

  8. I prefer the "magic thread" trick... without a magic thread! That's what I use most of the time, wherever I can. When on your last chain, fold your shuttle thread over and finger-tat (or even better, slide a post shuttle on the loop so you don't even need to finger-tat, it's quicker) the last stitches. Hook back at your starting point and then pull back the thread through the stitches of your chain. Magic! And no magic thread which I find gets in the way when tatting and I'd always forget to put it in at the beginning!

  9. Maureen and Frivole - Thank you! This sounds more like my style - I will try this method - It really appeals!
    Fox : ))

  10. I prefer hand quilting needles for sewing in ends. They have a large enough eye to take the tatting thread, but they're still fine enough to go between the stitches. I have a compact of assorted sizes, and I've separated out one that's good for sizes 20-30, one for 40-50, and one for 60-80. I've never been able to make the magic thread trick work!

    1. Hi, Miranda!
      Yes, I am dubious about my success with this as I have in truth tried various versions of the same...

      I wondered if quilting needles would be good! I might just pick up a few of those in different sizes - just in case! Thanks for the message.
      Fox : )

      p.s. Good to see you still read TATTING blogs and not just RAVELRY! (Have you checked it out yet? The Absolute Queen of Knit-World!

  11. Hi Fox

    You have started a very interesting thread, I have read Maureen and Frivole answer I think I must try that too, I used a cross stitch needles they do not have sharp points but a slight bunt end which goes though the stitches fine, no 20 will go though ok but 10 does not but I don't use no 10 very often.
    I like your cherries I can understand why you are fed up with the tat a long, I started this mat last night, so I am catching you up slowly.
    Have a good day
    Love to Gian
    Hugs Margaret

  12. I sometimes use a big-eye beading needle and my hemostat to sew in ends on size 40 and under. It works for me.

  13. I use self threading hand sewing needles. There is a slit in the eye so all I do is slip the thread between the slit and viola it is threaded.