Monday, August 20, 2012

Now A "Blockhead?"

Julie Patterson's Bookmark Pattern

It is all umintsuru's fault.

I saw she was tatting a wonderful edging with block tatting and thought I would have a go at it again, as I like to do block tatting and then I thought about how she blocks all her motifs and well, I went out and bought these to pin to the free styrofoam blocks I got yesterday...

I think it does change the look of the tatting but I am not sure if it is a good thing or not.  Strangely enough, I truly enjoyed the pinning process!  It is very relaxing and gratifying.  So much better than ironing, so I will have to practice in order to get the hang of it.

Then there was yet another 
Mary Konior Masquerade...

The technique improves somewhat...


Hmmm.... Not sure if the blocking changes much but the picots look alarmingly like umintsuru's picots...  Still, I do like the process.


Took a break; wanted to understand how Elizabeth got a bead to sit in the ring below the three that replace a picot.  Figured it out.  

The three (two here because I can't count!) for the picot space are pre-strung and go inside the ring thread before you begin that tatting of the ring.  

The one at the base stays outside the ring, but is pre-strung with the other three.  Easy peasy.  Only took me about AN HOUR of fiddling around (and BAD LOUD words.)

I mastered Jane's Blipless Join as well! Finally!  
I have been trying to figure that out forever it seems. 


Here is where I get to be even more of a blockhead...
Umintsuru has been tatting blocks and I just
 had to follow her lead - as usual!

Sue Hanson's Snowflake pattern      #59/100



A Tatting Tale

A Postal Plot

A Stamp of Sympathy

A Bookmark Bonanza

I went to the post office. Again.  I always seem to go to the post office.  Canada Post reaps the benefit of my snail mail communications to Tat-land worldwide... I did not think Canada Post cared much... I really did not think about Canada Post a whole lot.

Well, today, Canada Post shocked me! As I approached the counter the postal lady looked at me, smiled and said, "I have something for you."

She reached behind and opened a drawer and brought something out - something purple - with a tail... oh my goodness, could it be???

It was!  I could hardly believe what I saw:

My  treasured gift from Rachel at InTatters, 
tatted in #80 thread 

I had lost this bookmark and had searched high and low in my apartment. As I run a pretty mean, clean machine in my little studio space, I could not figure out where the bookmark could possibly be.  It was a mystery for weeks, and I was so sad as I really love this piece of tatting.

Well, the mystery was solved this afternoon by the postal clerk, who knowing about tatting from our conversations, and I think I might have given her a piece of tatting at one time, because of a conversation we had about the mailings that I had done, recognized the little piece that must have dropped to the floor when I was busy with a package at the counter. 

She thought it must be mine and tucked it away till she saw me today.  I was so pleased and so surprised.  It was fun!

That postal employee will be getting a special piece of tatting very soon!


  1. Glad that you got back your bookmark, and it was nice of the postal clerk to connect it to you.

    Now a comment on pinning out picots - well I don't place my pins through the free picots for the very reason that it pulls the picots stiff. Instead I place the pins at the joining picots or the base of rings.

    I am still not brave enough to try block tatting.

    1. Hi, Jon,
      Thanks for that - I will try doing it that way, as I like the picots rounder.
      Fox : )

      p.s If I can do block tatting, anyone can! Give it a whirl. I am certain you will enjoy it and will use it in your patterns. It is really useful!

  2. How sweet of that nice lady to save your bookmark for you! It would have been so easy for her to either keep it for herself or toss it. It's so wonderful to know that there are still thoughtful people in the world. :o)
    Yay for mastering the blipless join! I've been meaning to ask you about that. :o)

    1. Jess,
      I was determined to get this. Took a long while, but I seem to have it now. Not sure I will use it much, as it is a bit fiddly when it knots, but it is good to know for when I must not have a colour blip. Jane is the BEST!
      Fox : )

  3. What an interesting post. So glad the postal lady was able to give your bookmark back, shows it's a good thing to talk to postal workers! I love the colours of your masquerade, beautiful motif. And the blocking? Not sure I like the way the picots look. I may stick to ironing!

  4. Blocking definitely makes a bigger difference with some patterns than others. It definitely matters more when the designer didn't take the time to get the stitch count just right, or if your tension is significantly different from theirs. It matters more with bigger pieces, too. However, even small, well-designed pieces can benefit from blocking if a chain just won't lie flat, or if you want to have minute control over the angles of the picots. It's defintely worth having blocking supplies around.

  5. Hi Fox

    Well what a wonderful lady who made sure you got your bookmark back, she deserves a piece of tatting.
    I thought British post office system was the worse, and if you go into Europe and send a postcard it can take months to get here.
    You blocking looks lovely I think I better join in and start blocking if your tatting can look even better with a packet of pins
    Take care and love to Gian
    Hugs margaret

  6. How wonderful that your lost bookmark was found! I dropped my hanky with tatted edging at my daughter's wedding. One of the waitresses found it and knew to return it to the bride, because she had admired the lace-edged hankies. Just another way to spread the joy of tatting!

    I agree... pinning your pieces to the blocking board can be very relaxing... that is unless the tatting is totally off, and believe me, some of my pieces have been!

  7. It's wonderful she saved your bookmark for you.

    Make sure your pins are stainless steel, or they will eventually start leaving little rust spots on your work.

    I think block often helps improve the look of a tatted piece, but avoid the tendency to stretch things too far.

  8. Your bookmark recovery story brought a tear to my eye.

    I did not like block tatting a bit when I tried it - but it was in my early days of tatting so it probably deserves another opportunity. I am in the middle of a big (for me, anyway!) tatting project so I'm not going to start trying different things right now, though.

  9. Blocking can definitely help some pieces of tatting, though I only do it if I don't think it lays nice to start with. When you get into bigger pieces it becomes more of a challenge!
    Congrats on your successes, both with the beads and with the blip-less joins. Two things I keep thinking I should work on and instead do something else.
    How wonderful to get your bookmark back! Such a nice person to keep it for you. Yes, definitely, she needs a nice tatted piece for herself.

  10. You have some really fabulous pieces!!! And I like them blocked or not!!! :)

  11. I am so glad you were able to get your bookmarks back! I remember how much I enjoyed tatting it for you. My favorite color is purple and purple tatting only goes to very special people when I give it away.

  12. I am so glad you were able to get your bookmark back!, though I would have gladly tatted you another one. I think this was one of my favorite to tat as a slight variation of my Flower Bookmark. (Pattern is in the Member Patterns section of InTatters)

    1. Hi, xstchntat!!

      I am so glad you saw this! Thanks for looking. I love that you gave me a purple piece of tatting!
      xxoo Fox : )