Thursday, August 16, 2012

Marvellous Mary's Magnificent Masquarade

                      Mary Konior's 'Masquerade"         #57

How did the woman design such elegant shapes? This design is now my favourite of all time. (at least for this week) It is perfectly balanced and has just the right amount of open space.  I love it.

I especially like Jess's Calliope Special HDT - only Jess and I have this particular colour-way, which is a washed-out version of Calliope, which I named, and so received this lovely sample of thread, along with the original Calliope HDT that Jess sells.

These particular colours are reminiscent of my favourite Karey Solomon threads that are unique and so identifiable. Jess's HDT's are now right up there with my other faves now!

The green thread - is the perfect complimentary colour in Lizbeth #40.

*Now I have to say a few things.*  

I want to thank all those wonderful Tat-land souls that have sent me touching notes, cards, warm greetings and gifts to cheer me up and acknowledge the loss of my mum.  You are all so dear to have taken the time and effort to do so and I appreciate each and every one of you for your thoughtfulness.

I am absolutely not comfortable posting 
about these greetings and gifts online, as it seems way too personal to do so.  
I will thank you all for your kindness in my own way.


All that said, I must to post what arrived in the mail today, 
as it is some tatting that I feel must be seen.  

This was sent from umintsuru - a perfectly tatted border in fine grey thread, attached with perfection to a hankie that has been ironed with infinite care. This is a wonder to me!  My hankie-work never looks like this! Thank you, Wendy.  It is something very special indeed.  And yes,  it did brighten my day!

If that was not enough to make a woman smile, there was this version of Heart For Misha. 
This is a different take on the pattern and I love what Wendy has done with it.
Thank you for showing it to me, 'in the flesh!'


  1. Your motif is fabulous!! And great colors!! :)
    Very elegant hanky!! And sweet heart!! :)

  2. I don't know which is better... your alliteration or your version of Mary's motif! Beautiful!

  3. Hi fox

    Gorgeous motif and lovely thread, I think this is one of your best work.
    Beautiful hanky, and motif from Wendy, she does some beautiful work.
    Don't forget keep your pecker up and no matter what people say all do just smile at them, It will confused them because they won't know what you are thinking.
    Love to Gian

    1. Thanks so much, Margaret! Tatting designs by Mary Konior makes everyone's work look good! Her designs are so brilliant.
      Fox : )

  4. I love Mary K's designs, and your tat looks wonderful!

    1. Oh, I had to laugh!! Mary K sounded so funny.... You know, the pink cars and mascara... ??
      Fox ; )

      p.s. Glad you liked what I did with it!