Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dear Tat-Land

Thank you so very much for all the emails, comments and support.  You will never know just how comforting your thoughts and warm wishes have been to me during this most difficult time.

There was such an overwhelming outpouring of compassion and moral support from so many of you that I must thank each and every one of you in this one short post, for I fear if I try to thank you individually, I should perhaps unwittingly leave somebody out, and that just would not do.

Thank you all.

To show you that even in grief my shuttles were not totally at rest, 
I will reveal this:

#49 and #50
and this...

I gotta tell you,  I do NOT like these interlocking rings one bit.  Could be my state of mind at the moment, but I get grumpy and frustrated with the fiddliness of them. Sort of like how I feel about Celtic tatting;  it is a challenge and I do like that, but I just do not enjoy the process at all. I suppose it is just not my 'thing.'

The last joining ring confounds me.  
I probably will never get to learning that...


I do have one more thing to show you: 
progress on the test tatting of Heart For Misha

Tatted by Umintsuru

Tatted by Ladytats

Nice, eh?


  1. I think your interlocking rings look really great!!! And I love the colors!! :)

  2. The hearts all look wonderful! I'm sure that each one is special to you!

  3. It's just nice to see you posting again. We know what you're going through and hope you can get some time to relax.

    However, it's not easy to 'relax' doing those interlocking rings! They indeed are fiddly, and they have been driving me crazy and have become an obsession, but I've still not conquered them after a week or so. My wrists were getting sore, so I had to stop for awhile, but then I was at it again! I also haven't been able to do the Celtic woven chains. I couldn't even do the cute 'basic' pumpkin earrings by Ruth Perry. But I don't want to give up trying! It's amazing how this little 'craft' of ours takes over our lives!

    Umintsuru and Ladytats did a great job with your heart pattern!

    1. Thank you Fox for letting me test tat for you. I did make a mistake that I didn't see until I had scanned it, I missed 3ds and a picot on one of the outer chains.
      This was a nice pattern to tat. simple and straight forward, and yet looks very nice in the end.
      I didn't have the proper size doodad so used a button. The small beads and the tear drops are both Amethyst color.

  4. We are just glad to have you back. Definitely missed you.

    I love the drops that Ladytats added to it. Really look like teardrops. Wait till you see what I did to the turquoise one. I think the interlocking rings are for another time. Put them away and try Julie's Spanish cross and tat just the first section. Would love to see what colour combination you come up with.

  5. Hi Fox

    Nice to see you back, your greats tatted by Ladytats and Wendy are beautiful.
    I am sure in are not in the right mind for the inter locking rings they are not easy and the final ring is not easy, I found help from (my mind has gone blank). But if you look on my blog I have a link to her blog and she has done a drawing re the last ring to join them together. Apologises to her for forgetting her name.
    Take care
    Love to Gian

  6. Nice to hear from you again Fox. There seems to be such a big VOID in my tatting life when you're not posting! As for the interlocking rings, they are definitely not for relaxing with - they still send me batty and I've made loads! And I'm also with you on Celtic tatting. I like a challenge too but I also want to enjoy tatting...
    All good wishes to you.

  7. I thought you were going for the Olympic rings with the first pic.
    I haven't tried interlocking rings, yet, but I do like the look of them.
    Beautiful test tats of Heart for Misha

  8. In my former comment I forgot to tell you how impressed I am that you connected the first and last rings (that's still eluding me), and they're really almost perfect!

  9. Hi, Fox,
    It's so nice to see you back. It is so comforting to have handwork to occupy one's mind during times like this , and tatting fits the bill! I recently visited family in North Carolina, and was slightly anxious about flying. I packed my shuttle and some thread in my carry-on, and spent some blissful time tatting above the clouds! I know that this does not compare with what you have just been through, but I can relate, as I did cross-stitch while sitting at my Dad's bedside 6 years ago during his final illness, and I continue to find solace and peace through my needlework. Debra Wortman

  10. Glad you are back, Fox.

    At least you got this far with the interlocking rings, I'm not sure I can say the same. :) Looking forward to Misha.