Friday, July 20, 2012

What Say You?

To write it up or not to write it up; that is the question...

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This is my recent update of a pattern I designed last year, this one:

I realized that if I wanted to make the pattern available I would have to write it without the do-dad in the centre and so I put off trying to tweak the pattern.
Original Design

With mom in the hospital, I have been working on the design of the little heart and come up with a way of tatting it without the metal centre.  

First attempt... one colour...

Is anyone out there interested in this pattern? I need some feedback as to whether I should go ahead...


  1. well i think you should stay with the counts from the blue one, and instead of making the single ring just larger, what about a scmr for the bottom ring.
    the chain section would be the chain part, and the ring would take the place of the do dad. then the other half of the scmr to finish out the scmr

  2. I really like your original best, with the doodad in the ctr. Why not measure its diameter and let tatters use a cabone ring or a button of that diameter if they can't find one of those cute metal doodads?

    Write it up! I'd love to tat one!!

  3. The colors on the top one are gorgeous!!! :)

  4. Did you change something else besides taking away the metal centre?

    The heart shape is less prominent in the remake. I see that the chains in the bottom half is facing the other way in the remake. Is that intentional?

    Would tatting a small ring in place of the metal work better than the long picots? You can start with this small ring, come out with a split ring and continue with the rest of the pattern from there.

  5. I LOVE your pattern! Honestly though, I like it better with the metal thing in the middle. Seems to give it more shape.
    BTW, I got the package in the mail!! Thank you SO MUCH!!! Everything in it is wonderful. I can't thank you enough.

  6. Love the design, have you tried a floating ring off one of the lagre rings for the centre?

  7. Okay! I will try this again with a ring in the centre. I had thought that it might look weird, but you have all convinced me to give it a try... Thank you all so much for the input.
    Fox : )

  8. I love it with the doodad in the center. Write it up, please... I'll find a doodad that will work!

  9. I agree with Sharren. I like the shape of the blue original best. I really, really like it. What size was the doodad? I bet it could could be made with a 4 hole button instead. I think I've seen some doodads in the beading section at Hobby Lobby. Maybe they aren't too hard to come by. But I do love LOTs of buttons...

  10. Hi Fox

    I like your heart with the do-dar in the middle, I am sure if you wrote the pattern up and had some test tat for you it would be success. If you want a test tatter I would be pleased to do it for you.

    Hope your mother is feeling better
    Love to Gian

  11. I like the doodad too, but I like the idea of being able to make it without something else to buy. How about a swirl join instead of a ring?

  12. It's a lovely motif. Both look good, but I too like the one with the doodad in the center, it does seem to give it more shape. Diameter is the key and I guess Sharon had my idea of a four-holed button. If you use a split ring, closed jump ring, or cabone ring you can always cover the ring in tatting for more decoration with picots for joining. I definitely think that it is worth while to write up. I'd love to make one.

  13. very nice Fox, I also like the shape of the blue one.
    it is very interesting is it not, that changing the direction of a chain can make the shape so different.

    I agree with all the previous comments stating that a thrown off ring, could take the place of the do-dad.
    how about writing the pattern up both ways? then we will be able to tat it with or without the do-dad

  14. I think you hit a home run with the blue heart. I remember very much admiring it at the time. The contrast of the darker chain really brings out the heart shape. It's really a wonderful design!

  15. Ah, thanks, folks, the doodad stays. I will get around to writing up soon. Fox : ))

    p.s. I love Tat-land! Tatters are so willing to help! Thank you all!

  16. Fox, these are lovely! And I agree with all the above comments, the doodad should stay.

    Hope your mum's doing well.

  17. The original is best, I love it!!