Friday, July 6, 2012

Tiny Tats To Tolerate Totally Torrid Temperatures

It is so hot here!  And no air conditioning!  Yowza!

I have to keep putting the shuttles down as the thread gets downright soggy!  Apparently it will feel like 45 degrees (with the humid-ex) this afternoon, which is about 113 Fahrenheit.

This is my offering for today, as I do not think there will be much more stitching - maybe in the hospital as it is blissfully cool there!  The coolness there is the one redeeming feature of all this. Mum is in an Isolation Room with a hug air purifying machine that makes the air-conditioning even more cool.  Ahhhh.

#40  Myra Piper pattern #80 HDT by Krystle


  1. I'm glad the hospital is cool! That's some alliteration you have there, I did smile.

  2. My heart and thoughts are with you and mom. (((Hugs)))

    I would cry if we didn't have air conditioning. Spring and Summer are always very depressing to me and this weather *really* has me wishing that I could just sleep until November!

    Stephanie Grace

  3. Hi Fox,

    So glad you can get some cool air, I hope your mother is not suffering and improving.

    Lovely little motif, If you want cool temperatures here it's raining again nothing new we are luckly to get a few hours of dry weather. It's a cool 15c here, please send us some lovely heat in exchange we can give you some rain.

    Take care don't over do it.


  4. Wow, 45 degrees is really hot! We are having about 35 here. Anyhow, glad you are still tatting up something nice despite the heat.

    Speedy recovery to your mum.