Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hot To Tat

Man, it is hot in Toronto!  A full-on heat-wave.  The thread wilts.

#42     Rainbow HDT by Tatskool     
Pattern adapted from one by Blomqvist and Persson

Not much tatting getting done as it is difficult on the home front these days.  But, I did manage to produce a pair of earrings, (without hooks) which is very strange as I never make earrings! I still had thread wound on the shuttles, and this is what happened.

 The pattern is from a book by Sheila York.


  1. I"m sorry it's so hot! I think more is on the way because we are creeping up the lthermometer again here.
    I'm sending positive thoughts your way for both you and mom, including ice cream, icebergs, open refrigerator doors and more.

  2. Oh, dear! Heat, humidity, etc. I'm with Michelle sending positive thoughts for anything cool!

    I think it may be time to pull Sheila York off the shelf. It's been a while since I've paid her any attention. Your earrings look wonderful, as does your motif!

  3. Hi Fox

    I am sorry it's too hot for you and how is poor Gian is he feeling it too, I could swap you our weather, it's only around 14 to 18 c today and rain, nothing unusual at the moment it's quite chilly at night, so if you want to swap for a few hours I am quite happy as we could do with a little heat, might dry the garden out everything is looking soaked and washed out, even my lovely Hebe is beaten to the ground.

    I hope your mother is getting on ok, and sending you both a big hug.

    Lovely misfit and great colours, Your earrings look gorgeous.


  4. Such sunny colours to match the weather, you are so so lucky having such a heat wave.
    As Margaret has just said it is so wet over here. It is also cold and very dreary, we hardly ever see the sun.
    Hope you mum is enjoying being at home again and improving.

  5. sorry for the heat, we still have it here, another week of 90 in the forecast. way too hot & humid for too long here.

    haven't been able to tat either, no a/c so just trying to get through it.

    I like your earrings and your motif. very pretty colors.

  6. Perfect bright colours for a hot summer day. The thermometer is reading 33C here, and I'm hiding indoors......wish we had air conditioning....grumble......but sending cold thoughts your way like popsicles, and fountain sprays, running through the sprinkler, ice baths
    I hadn't heard of Sheila York, so thanks for sharing.
    snow-capped mountains, freezing ice, snow-cones, and frozen bananas........

  7. It's very cold here, I could use some warmth. Wonderful bright colours you've used, the earrings will dazzle.