Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rings and Rompers

Pattern by Anni Hansen
HDT - Magnolia -  #50 by LadyShuttleMaker          #27/100

Well, I cannot believe that I have actually completed this - four squares this time - as quickly as I have, in spite of a lot of very unpleasant un-tatting.  The pattern is quite simple so I do not know how or why I made so many errors - but you know!

This is a great little booklet of square motifs by different designers, each with four repeats and I am not quite as intimidated as I was before I finished this one. I would like to tat this again in different colours. It will be way easier next time as the pattern, as I already stated, is very simple.

Halfway through the squares, I read something on InTatters, here, written by PattyD.  She was talking about how to close a ring and she said this:

When you close a ring you are not collecting the double stitches, you are removing the excess thread through the tunnel the stitches make, and you hold the completed ring firmly in the pinch so that the stitches don't move. Pull to the side until the ring is almost closed. You are pulling in a U shape and it will never close the ring until you change the direction that you are pulling. At the end give a little tug (gently, now) toward yourself which should change the angle of the thread by 90 degress and crisply close the ring and leave the beautiful stitches unharmed.

Well! These words made a huge impression on me.  Funny when things make sense that never did before.

The second half of the square has rings that are much better formed than in the first half, in that when I followed these directions with a little tug at the end, the ring seemed to keep all of the last part of the last ds intact, thus not requiring any of that post-stuff that I have stopped doing because it bugged me!

This method seems to work as well without  having to pay attention to adding half-ds’s and posting on the front side... way too much attention needed!


I want to show you something that my buddy Suneeti has done as a gift for a little boy.  She has re-considerd (I think) this gift, as she thinks it is may be too ‘girly' for a little boy.  I didn’t think so, but what do I know?  My kids are all grown up and things have certainly changed since I dressed them!

What do YOU think?


  1. Your motif looks awesome!!! :)
    Cute outfit! As for boy or girl....I personally would have it for a girl, but everyone is different and it really depends on the person/parents-just my thought.

  2. This is beautiful, and I love the color combination, but I am totally in love with the lilac and yellow, where did you get this? it is really really pretty!


    1. Hi, Bree,
      The credit is under the pic! - #50 Magnolia by Lady ShuttleMaker. I love it too! I could not resist buying it when I saw that colour online. So pretty.
      Fox : )

  3. very pretty motif, I like your 4 squares.
    the out fit is pretty, I would use it for either gender, but some others I know would not.

  4. Hi Fox

    Great motif, I love your colours and it looks lovely well done, Your piece from intatters is correct and I have been doing this since I started tatting, it was very well written and very informative.

    The outfit looks lovely and I would use it for either boy or girl, don't see anything wrong with it.

    Beautiful rose it is from your garden.

    Love to Gian


    1. Margaret,
      Gian just asked why we would think it was all right for a boy-child, as what did we know, two old bats from the sixties? He is very, very rude. I think it would be fine, and like you would use it for either!

      The rose is from a garden up the street. I can take no credit!
      Fox : )

  5. Très beau jeu de carrés parfaitement exécuté. Moi aussi je pratique de cette façon pour fermer les anneaux et cela fonctionne mieux..
    Amitiés dentellières

    1. Personne ne m'a jamais parlé de cette méthode avant, alors je suis tellement heureux que j'ai trouvé ce poste! Heureux que cela fonctionne pour vous aussi!
      Fox :)

  6. It's wrapped in white tissue paper, tied with a blue ribbon that says "it's a boy". It feels right, and if baby Max doesn't wear it, then his little sister, who is sure to come along sooner or later, can wear it.


    1. He will look so elegant and refined in his wonderful outfit! You did the right thing!
      Fox : ))