Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Motif Overlooked

Forgot about this.  It is a sweet little Mary Konior pattern from one of her older books.

I had a bit of thread left over.  Krystle had sent a little sample of this #80 HDT, which does not photograph very well.  It is a lovely, rich blend of deep purple and greens.

Ah, I hope the dear Dr. is busy, down in the basement over at Krystle’s castle... Get those dye-pots bubbling!

#33/100     Anniversary Motif by Mary Konior

There is a new project on my shuttles, but it is not the one that I had planned.  I was going to tat an Iris Niebach border, but it would have taken too much thread and was VERY time-consuming. Too hot to do a time-gobbling border, I say.

Below is the pattern I am NOT going to do:

It is so pretty, but will use up the thread before I finish, which I am already running out of it after one side!

This HDT is ‘Picadilly’ by LadyShuttleMaker, #50.


  1. Great threads. The edging is interesting, but if it doesn't float your boat, there's no obligation to tat it!

  2. That is an interesting edge, but you could do it without the long picots, thereby saving that amount of thread.
    Picadilly is a pretty colorway, does she have more?
    The edge you are doing is going to look very delicate and feminine in that thread

    1. I think the edging is not simple enough for the hankie, so I am going with the new pattern.

      I’m sure hoping Sherry has some left! I am waiting for a response from her...
      Fox : )

  3. I love the MK motif! Her books are filled with designs I love. Picadilly is one of my favorite colors. Somewhere, safely tucked away, is a Spinning Wheel glass mat in Picadilly. : )

    1. A Spinning Wheel glass mat? Really? : )) LOL!

  4. Hi Fox

    I love your MK motif and lovely thread and colour.

    What a pity you don't have enough thread to make the edging, it's lovely edging, I hope you manage to get some new thread to make the edging.


  5. Really nice motif!! Love the thread in the new motif and edging start!!!! :) And both designs look pretty so far! :)