Friday, June 22, 2012

Antique Splendor and Fun For Frivole

Here is one of Karey Solomon’s motifs from one of her 
subscription publications that I have not seen before, have you?

#30    Antique Splendor by Karey Solomon  #40 HDT by Tat-ilicious

As in most of Karey’s designs, I had to really pay attention as I tatted this.  It took a while to finish - a couple of days and measures nearly four inches across.

It is a clever pattern with a lot of Shoelace Tricks, which is why it took longer than one would imagine it should. Lots of thread-flipping!


Test-tat for Frivole

#31/100    Design by Frivole             #40 Lizbeth

Frivole is working on this now in order  to publish it for you! The pattern was fun and challeging to tat, requiring some attention. Very satisfying. Thank you Frivole, for the opportunity to test-tat your new work. I love it!

One can certainly recognize Frivole’s unique style in this motif. 


To finish the Valdani #12, I returned to another favourite:
 Susan Fuller’s famous Heart’s Desire 



For Suneeti:
I found a small Frivole heart to 
put on the back of the T-shirt.  : ) 


The End of #12 Valdani
I enjoyed this thread but I am not sure 
I would buy more of it - too soft and furry.


  1. Good Morning,
    I like your Karey Solomon motif, that is pretty, I think I have seen it on someone else's blog, but I like your rendition.
    Frivole's bookmark is very dainty and in that soft color it really looks lacy.
    I like Susan Fuller's heart. I have done it before, years ago, I like the look with the 2 colors you used.
    Your granddaughter will love her shirt.
    Have a wonderful day

  2. I love the bright colors you chose. The colors of the Susan Fuller heart really shows off the pattern detail. That is not a pattern that I have seen before. Well done.

  3. Oh. I really love how the 2 colors highlight the beautiful design in Hearts Desire! The other motifs are lovely as well...enjoy seeing all that you do.

  4. Love the colors used here - especially in Heart's Desire! Bravo!

  5. t-shirt will be more than perfect!

  6. Hi Fox,

    You have been busy, I love the first motif lovely pattern and your colours are beautiful.
    Frivoles bookmark is gorgeous and you have done a lovely piece of tatting in testing her pattern, I am looking forward to seeing her pattern.
    The heart is also lovely and gorgeous colour.
    I hope Boss likes her tea-shirt with the pink motif.
    I hope you have a lovely weekend and love to Gian

  7. That first one is a show-stopper!!! Oh how gorgeous!!! :)
    Lovely bookmark! :)
    Your heart is stunning!!! :)
    The doily is beautiful too!! :)

  8. Wow!!! You have been busy!! All looks great!!

  9. So many lovely tats to share! They are ALL so pretty, wishing I could be "painted in" as a wall mural in your tatting corner so I could soak in the rushes of gorgeous color every moment that a shuttle is in your hand.

    That said, Antique Splendor is perhaps the most magnificent bit of graceful lace I have ever seen. That bit could come live with me and I would love it, and pet it, and squeeze it and pat it and call it, um....

    [reference from "The Abominable Snow Rabbit" (1961), Warner Bros.]

    1. Goodness! Such eloquence in response! I am honoured by your kind sentiments!
      Fox :0

  10. Colorful and pretty! I like them all, but if I had to pick a favorite, I guess I'd choose the "Antique Splendor".