Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Following Frivole’s F/S B/S Fabulosity

I saw this on Frivole’s blog and it is one of my favourite patterns by Mary Konior, so I tatted it F/S B/S, as I always do, but took a photo of both. Because it is in two colours, you can really see the stitches if you are inclined to wanting to compare the two sides.

The Josephine Rings were tatted on both sides with the second half of the stitch and the pattern increased by 2 ds.

The thread is Milford yellow, #40 and Altin Basak pink, #50.


You must go and see this if you want to be able to tat an easy split chain.  
Thanks to Frivole’s video and Marie Smith’s method, this is now possible. 
 Thank you, clever tatting women!


  1. I do like the pink and yellow together! I'm still not sure about frontside/backside tatting, but I will try again when school gets out for the summer.

  2. I hear a lot about f/s b/s stitching but I don't know very much about it. Does it make a difference with needle tatting? Do you know?
    Very pretty tat, Fox.

    1. Sorry, Suztats, I do not know much about needle tatting. I can only perform the basic stitches...
      Fox : 0

  3. I am with Diane on this...I tried, but didn't feel it was worth the effort. Looking at yours enlarged, yes, I can see the difference, but I am sure that it wouldn't be noticed usually. It is a pretty piece of work, though.
    I agree about Frivole's video, very helpful. :)

    1. Hi there, Snowy!
      For me, this is automatic.

      It took me longer and required more concentration on the piece that I tatted using the traditional method. It might depend on how you learned, I suppose.
      Thanks for the visit!
      Fox : )

  4. Hi Fox

    Lovely doily and the colours look good together, I have just watched the video and will be trying it later, she makes it look so easy.

    Love to Gian

  5. I am still not taken by the FS/BS tatting. I have done a few pieces that way when the purpose of the tatting requires it. For example, if I know that the piece will be framed or pasted on a card, when only one side will be shown, then I make it fs/bs.

  6. I love all of Mary Konior's pattern and this one is very pretty with the two colors. The split chain video looks easy and will have to try it out. I need to learn how to do a SC!! Very nice tatting!!!
    Linda in NM