Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thank You Dear Friend

Misha has been gone for a year
and almost to the day of his departure
I found this in the mail:

I knew I had not ordered anything from LaCossette, though I am sorely tempted about once a day! So, I could not figure out why I had been sent a package.  Maybe it was a mistake, I thought.

Well, a certain person had conspired with LaCossette, resulting in my receiving a wonderful commemorative shuttle, wrapped in the recognizable  envelope with a tiny logo motif attached. So pretty - all of it. Just look at those eyes!

Thank you so very much for your sensitively, generosity and most of all your friendship.  I love it.

Gian does not.  : ))


Here is what I completed with my new shuttle:

#97                           Design by Karey Solomon               Thread #80 DMC

This is another of Karey's designs, this time from a booklet called Sweet Knottings.  I have never seen it before online - though someone out there in Tat-Land has completed one of these motifs, I'm sure, as the book is not new.

The white #80 thread I used is fairly new, but it broke SIX times!  Also, there were tons of knots.  This is why I took so long tatting this one, (aside from the new cellphone excuse!) which measures only four inches across.  The fine vintage thread is from Tattin'Kat - love this colour blue.

If you look closely you can count four different colours of beads. Three are Delicas and the fourth, the green ones, are from CrazyMom.

(This is almost the hundredth motif for the 25 Motif Challenge that I turned into the 100 Motif Challenge!  My #1 is here, on October 24, 2011.  Yikes! Sure is a lot of tatting!)

This was a fun one.  I do love Karey's patterns.


  1. LOVE the shuttle. Misha would be pleased.

    This motif is so pretty! The green beads give it a little zing!

  2. Such a wonderful friend to send you such a shuttle. I do love the eyes.
    The motif looks amazing! At first I thought there was a green ribbon towards the outside but it is the beads, very nice!

  3. pretty shuttle, what a nice thing to find in the mail.
    pretty tatting, you do it so fast and so well.

  4. How wonderful to get such a surprise in the post. I do like your Karey motif.

  5. Delightful shuttle - love when those envelopes arrive from
    LaCosette. Lovely tatting.

  6. Wow what a beautiful shuttle, and something for you to remember her by,

    Lovely motif and gorgeous colours

  7. Really nice shuttle! And Really great doily!! :)

  8. Very thoughtful and pretty! It's hard to believe it's been a year. I love the motif.

  9. Your shuttle is beautiful - what a wonderful gift :)

  10. Beautiful shuttle!!! And your doily looks great!!!

  11. Your new shuttle is beautiful, and someone sure has sent you a wonderful gift. The doily is very pretty! That IS a lot of tatting. You go!

  12. What a wonderful gift, wonderful friends! Lovely doily with all these little accents through different beads!Happy tatting with your new shuttle!

  13. Je suis heureuse pour vous que vous ayez une navette à l'effigie de Misha...Nous voilà bien récompensé de l'amour que nous leur portons...Une caresse à Gian...Votre frivolité est très belle....

  14. What a wonderful looking shuttle! You have done such a pretty piece with it! Hope it makes missing Misha a little easier!

  15. Thanks everyone, for the lovely comments. I am very lucky indeed to have such a beautiful gift.
    Fox : )