Saturday, April 28, 2012

Nocturnal Ninja Nonsense

I am a tatting warrior.  I have been at this for about 12 hours!  

I sent two emergency S.O.S. messages last night, but kept trudging along with the true Taurean steadfastness of a stubborn Bull, et voilà!  By George, I think I’ve got it!  Well, for now anyway.

This is the ‘Sunflower’ pattern from the Blomqvist, Tatting Patterns and Designs book.  Wow.  Confusing.

Went yesterday on a hunt for white kiddie-socks for Maeve:

I am not sure if I will use the invisible thread that Jane uses (it is a real pain) or #50 DMC thread in white to sew the edging on.  It is so pretty!

I had to take my mind off that wretched doily for a bit so I started something... Nothing like a couple of clunies that I have not tatted in ages to keep the mind from wandering.

This HDT is Garden Afternoon #40, by Yarnplayera gift from my good pal Suneeti.  Seems I have loved this colourway, since 2009, when I first saw it on Yarnplayer’s blog and had to have it! I love it!

Wander, it did, however, when I sewed in the ends with my mind 
still meandering around the Blomqvist pattern:

No sympathy from this quarter:


  1. Pour, Fox, I know what you mean, I often stopped my way on my doily in progress, stopped in the night, not to have too much to reopen next day...Laughed out loudly, Fox!! May be your Ninja trouble was soundless, but anyway your cat felt that he would get noooo single second from you, and felt into sleep.
    Wow the clunydoily in this wonderful color combination is just right for me, so...if you have no use for that wonderful "something" I wouldn't say no ;-))

  2. Fox, regarding the blomquvist pattern of sunflower, I looked into my book. The thing which causes the problems, is for me a foto of the doily which shows the pattern not the way you tat it. You tat according to the discription of Blomquvist from right to left in the foto, but we look at a picture as western human and think automaticaly from left to right. That causes problems to find orientation! I had the same problems with my doily in progress where the orientation of long chains is also a problem. But I found it out this morning, (after stopping in the night, not to become a "sisossrs ninja " in the morning) May be that helps you aswell as me???

  3. Hi, Guni,
    I finally figured it all out and you are correct - that right/left thing had confused me a bit. That and a few other directional issues!

    But, once you follow the instructions EXACTLY, (and that is not easy!) it does fall into place.

    Thanks for the comments. As for the clunies? This is a really pretty piece and I will probably fondle it a lot myself before I decide whether I shall give it away! At least now I know there is someone out there in tat-land where it can go where it will be truly appreciated!
    Fox ; ))

    1. Hi Fox, coming back to the fs/bs thing, can I find the rules for that or the explanations somewhere in the internet or in a book? As it is so, I realy want to be a searious tatter and atleast know, what it means and give it one try ;-))??? May that be the reason they publish the picture the wrong clockway, because otherwise you would see the half stiches??? I remember somebody saying yesterday that "the rings are always on that and that site... or something generally....irritated me not to understand that....So many question marks??
      Happy "sunflower" sunday ;)

    2. Hi, Guni,
      I sent you some links. There is a lot on this topic if you google it. Have fun and let me know your conclusion on this topic!
      Fox : )

  4. Wow Fox, the clunies and their colour are amazing! Combined with that zingy green... yummy.

  5. Your clunies are beautiful! I like the doily too but TWELVE hours? Wowie!!!!

    1. Yah, Michelle, On and off it really was a half of an entire day! I need to get a life! BUT, I did figure it out at long last!!!
      Fox : ))

  6. I'm glad you were able to figure it out, because it is gorgeous! Maeve is one lucky girl. My granddaughters haven't had new tatting-edged socks in ages, so I am not going to show them this post. ; )

  7. I find some of the pattern in that Blomqvist book confusing too, so I have put it aside for a very long time. There are some lovely patterns in there, maybe I should bring it out again. The only thing is I don't like to do doilies much.

    I will make myself try the clunys, when I am really relaxed.

    p.s. Hah! I went looking for the book and I can't find it.

  8. Hi Fox

    What do you expect, he got fed up,

    It's going to look gorgeous when you have finished it, She's a lucky girl those socks will look gorgeous on her, I am sure her friends will be envious of her.

    ClunIes do you know in 41 years I have never done one, I think it's time I tried it, don't you?

    Love to Gian

    Have a nice weekend, hope is one raining cats and dogs as it is here, with gale force winds.

    Love margaret

  9. Très belle frivolité et superbe points d'esprit!!! Quand aux couleurs elles sont très pétillantes.... Gian semble bien épuisé !!! Caresses pour lui....


  10. My, but what fine teeth he has!

    I was sewing on theater costumes in college and sewed over the end of my finger with the sewing machine. The designer said "Don't bleed on the costumes."

    Don't bleed on the tatting

  11. You are the only one who noticed, CM! Aren’t they wonderful teeth? i brush them for him every day!
    Fox : ))

  12. Wow, those cluny leaves are so pretty! Love that colorway. Which reminds me, I have to teach myself that & get some done too! :)

  13. Oh my goodness!! 12 hours??? I think you are more committed than I was when I tried the Ice Crystal from that book. I will one day try again.
    Your sock edging is fabulous!! :)
    And your cluny motif is absolutely stunning-minus the attached finger(prayers that it heals quickly)!!! :)

  14. I have done a few of the patterns from the Blomqvist book. they can be difficult to get the direction going. but they are pretty in the end.

    Love the colors in your clunies.

    oh my, you really are "stuck" on your tatting aren't you.

    your sock edging is cute. and wonderful colors.