Friday, April 6, 2012

A Mixed Bag

First off, this is the great  #40 new thread from Jess.  I love how the colours match my new shuttle perfectly.

Also, this thread has terrific body. ( I think it is Lizbeth, but I am not sure)  I keep wondering how #40 can remain so stiff after all my un-tatting!  Un-tatting - there is lots of it - with this Georgia Seitz pattern called Dorethea's Teardrop Edging.  (Tatting On The Edge)

I am just now noticing how the colours pool just right, with the dark appearing consistently at the top.  I hope this continues through all twelve repeats!

Perhaps I should be using these to un-tat the stitches:

They are cactus points, kindly sent to me by Karen when I expressed an interest in knowing what they were.  

Thank you Karen.  They are lethally sharp and scary, but I shall try them one of these days when I am feeling particularly brave!

Karen also sent me her photos of her finished Tischband tatting.  
I think she did an amazing job!  

Karen's Tischband Tatting

What a great idea Umintsuru had ( just tlook at what she is up to now!  It is gorgeous.) offering Tat-land this challenge.  There have been so many beautiful examples of how this pattern looks when tackled by different tatters.


Bookmark for Bev 
October, 2011

I had forgotten to post this bookmark that I made for Ridgewoman last year.

It is a Lenore English pattern, tatted in #40 something or other
along with silk from Krystle with three different colours of beads.
She liked it.


Lastly, I ordered this book and was stunned when I received it.  Although it is in Deutsch, which I can speak and read a teeny bit, it is so well-diagrammed that I imagine it will not be too difficult to follow.  It is in hardcover format, full colour and a real delight.  One of the best tatting books I have ever seen!

We'll see what happens when I actually begin to use it...


  1. I like your version of Doretha's Teardrop. we are at about the same point. I will have to tat quickly this weekend to keep up with you. then I want to start my tischband.
    have fun with the cactus points.
    and have fun with your new book.

  2. Erghh! I just lost my comment in the middle of typing. I'm not sure what I did, but I did it! I've also forgotten what I wrote.

    Love the thread and the shuttle. I really need to get back to the Tischband. I'm so far behind!

    Everyone seems to be getting their copy of the book. I wonder when mine will arrive?

  3. Fox,
    Love the teardrop edging!! I hope you are well and enjoying the spring!

  4. I also love the "chilled" colors, and they do match your shuttle beautifully!!
    The thread is Lizbeth, I just really love Lizbeth. I would love for them to offer a size 80 cone. That would be so fabulous!
    I've been thinking about getting that book. But it'll have to sit on the back burner for a little while. :o)

  5. The book looks interesting, I wonder how the patterns are? Are they figurative or are there some that are more classic too?
    I am impressed by your edging, beautiful colours in that thread.

    1. Snowy - It is a terrific book, with instructions and simple motifs and some motifs and lovely edgings. I hesitated to purchase it but as the price was good I think I got much more than I expected for this little gem! I hope my German is not too elementary!

      If the language does not put you off, I think this would be a terrific addition to any tatter's library. How's that for a review! : ))

  6. Nice edging ! I love the colors too ....
    i'll come back to see the peacock

  7. That edging is awesome!!! :)
    And great bookmark!! :)

  8. I like that 2nd Tischband with the blues and browns. I'm going to buy that book too, I love that peacock design.

  9. Checking in to wish you a Happy Easter! I often think about the stranger who gave you that shuttle only a few years ago! (What kind was it, by the way?_ Does she have any idea what she started?!!! She'd be totally amazed at how you 'took off' (so to speak) with it! You have introduced us to so many techniques and wonderful ideas!

    I have to admit those cactus points look a little scary! The peacock is an amazing pattern!

    1. Hi, Kathy,
      I never saw her again! It was an orange Clover shuttle that I passed along to Gina to give to a student, learning to tat!

      Yes, I think that woman would have been amazed at the wonderful world we share here in Tat-land. She had no idea...
      Thanks for the visit. : )

  10. I have been meaning to tat the Dorethea teardrop edging. Yours look really pretty especially in this colour thread. Thanks for posting Karen's Tischband. It looks really lovely. I think Karen did a great job. Looking forward to seeing what you will tat from your new book.

  11. I keep wanting to get that book. It's on my list. (Very LONG list!) Your edging is looking so beautiful!! I love the thread. Blue is my favorite color and it's tatting up so nicely. Your new shuttle is so pretty! I love the blue eyes and how they match your thread so well. The bookmark is also very pretty. You do so well. I hope I someday have achieved your level of competence in tatting!

  12. Hallo Fox, du kannst Deutsch verstehen? Die Kaktusspitzen sehen gefährlich aus, aber hilfreich ;-)

    1. Hallo Guni,
      Ja, ich kann ein KLEIN wenig zu sprechen! Mein Großvater sprach fließend.

      Der Kaktus ist absolut tödlich!
      Fox : )

    2. Ohh, Du schreibst prima Deutsch! Dann sei bitte vorsichtig, Fox, eigentlich ist Schiffchenspitze ungefährlich!
      Ohh, please take care using these cactus points, Fox, normally tatting is NOT dangerous!;-))