Saturday, April 21, 2012

Diversion and Disinfectant

diversion: an activity that diverts the mind from tedious or serious concerns.

 disinfectant:  a chemical liquid that destroys bacteria.

Both of these definitions are appropriate to today’s post.  
I’ll show you why.

The Diversion:
#5/100         Motif by Judy Banashek     Centre by MOI!        
HDT  by Jess

The Disinfectant:
Thanks once again
to Tabatha, who wisely 
saw the undeniable logic of her 
generous and most appropriate gift!

The diversion is with reference to 
a very temporary leave from Scharfe Leaves!


  1. Oh no!!! Not again!!!
    Your motif looks great.
    I was you have stock or shares in the disinfectant companies. Might be a good investment! (kidding)

    1. Haha! NN will get you for that one!
      Fox : ))

  2. That motif is so beautiful! Is it also from the Peacock book? The colorway is very nice too.
    Do you spend a lot of time poking yourself? At least now you're prepared! :-)
    Have a great day Fox!

    1. Carol,


      If you look for ‘bandage’ or ‘hook' or ‘pain’ or ‘finger' etc. on tat-ology, (there is a tat-ology search engine in the right column) you will find lots of evidence as to my complete ‘klutziness!”

      The pattern is Judy Banashek’s from one of her books.
      Fox ; )

  3. The motif is WONDERFUL!!! And the colors look fabulous!! :)

  4. Time to get that hookless shuttle out?...
    But your motif looks absolutely gorgeous! Worth the pain?
    Lovely shape and very nice tatting.

    1. Frivole, much as I love the your beautiful hookless shuttle, I do prefer to use those with the hook. I must love the edgy danger of outrageous tatting!

      Thanks for the kind words! (and the reminder about the hookless shuttle! I sometimes forget about it as I usually use it only for clunies, which I have not done in a while!)
      Fox : )

  5. Another cuty motif! Love the HDT, Dr.Fox! ;-)
    Although your Ozonol comes from Bayer, means from Germany, we don't know it here. Looked like tooth-paste for me, lol!

  6. I think this motif is so beautiful and I love this colors :)

  7. The motif is lovely. You picked a pretty color to work it in. And you modified the center? Looks good!

    My first thought when seeing today's title was "oh, no, not again!" but Kelly said it first :) I understand there are leather thimbles that fit over the finger that could give some protection but I think that might take away some of the joy of tatting. Hmm, maybe you should develop a callus on that finger for protection - playing a stringed instrument will do that but I'm not sure the callus would be in the right place... Maybe a thimble out of Kevlar? Heal quickly! :)

  8. Aw the memories of having a crochet hook sticking out of the hand or jabbing ones self with the needle sewing in ends. The hazards of tatting.

  9. When I saw the preview for this post on my list, I thought,"Oh those are pretty colors!" It wasn't until I opened it that I realized they were mine. lol
    So, sorry you have hurt yourself again. You need one of those leather thimbles!

  10. Très joli motif et la couleur superbe... Oh!!! décidement vous vous piquez souvent.....ATTENTION !!!!!


  11. Oh dear...not again!!! I do love your motif though and the colors are so pretty!! Hoping your finger heals quickly :)

  12. Your motif looks beautiful, oh dear your shuttle was felt some pain, at least help was at hand.


  13. saw your post preview on FB. and thought "oh, oh"
    sorry to see you needed your first aid kit again.
    Love your motif. and congrats on your modification

  14. Wow that motif has an intricate and elegant design..very nice