Thursday, March 29, 2012

One For The Kid

Gray will be three next month, and I have been looking for the right T-shirt to do justice to the goat.  Perfect!

The G-man looks wonderful in shades of orange and he loved the goat. When I asked if he would like to have it if  I were to sew it sewn on a shirt, his response was very animated - so to speak!  It will be fun to give it to him on his day.

Mail today! 
A sweet gift from Livi and 
wonderful new colours from Jess.  
Oooh, those threads are pretty! 


Angeline Update: 
The book is winging her way 
to Miranda.  : ))


Sneak Peek:


  1. Little bits of green peeking out of the pocket please. Otherwise your handsome goat will go hungry!


    1. Hey, Suneeti! I was wondering what I was going to do about the green! You have solved the problem... I think I shall tat a chain with some long picots... cut them... grass!
      ♥ Fox : )


  2. Great shirt!! :)
    Can't wait to see what amazing thing you make with those great new colors!! :)
    I am loving those colors on the sneak peek!!! :)

  3. G-man will be the best dressed kid around!!!
    And I wonder what you are up too? The blue and white look great!!! How long are you going to make us wait?

  4. This is such a wonderful personal birthday gift. I hope there is a photo to show his happy face.

  5. He will love the shirt because it is from gramma, and he will be very proud of the shirt because of the goat.
    what a fun present for him.

  6. Oh it's so wonderful to make a gift for someone! And what a personal one this is! Fox, I like the thread of Jess too, it's so a nice color combination! Looking forward to something tatted out of that and ofcourse to the blue secret...^^