Saturday, March 10, 2012


The day I met Gina, we went to dinner together.  At one point, I lamented the fact that I did not know any tatters in person, just online.  She laughed, in that way that only Gina did, and told me I was really lucky, because when she was a rookie tatter, there was no internet and imagine that situation.  I certainly saw her point.

That was over two years ago.  My contacts have grown by leaps and bounds and my tatting friendships have deepened, enriching my life more than I would have thought possible.

When Misha died, a year ago next week, the community gave me strength, courage and support that I do not know what I would have done without.

Last year was a tough one for me and the tatting part of my life gave me a much improved state of mind and inspiration when skies were cloudy.

There have been funny letters, bountiful gifts, unexpected generosity from all around the globe.  This is a wonderful community.  But, if you are reading this, you have probably already experienced what I am talking about.

Recently,  I wrote on tat-ology that I would love to feel Frivole's tatting in 'person,' and yesterday this came in the mail.

I was astounded when I opened the envelope.  Gian, true to form, was unbearable - chest puffed out a mile and nose high in the air.  Haughty boy.

I love the photo and will find a perfect, simple frame.  The tatting will be properly and frequently fondled.  It is even better than I imagined.

And it did help to hold it 'in person.' 
The proof? 
 This is the best one yet!



  1. That is such a lovely and thoughtful gift! I have also found the tatting community to be very generous and loving.

  2. Yes - it's true! The online tatting community is absolutely wonderful - in so many ways. Your gift is beautiful - the photo of Gian is a treasure.

    I can't believe Misha has been gone for a year. He's admiring your tatting friends too, I bet :)

  3. Gian looks perfectly regal framed with the gorgeous tatting! A nice gift. I have found so many kind and generous people in both the Tatting and Blog communities. What a wonderful age in which we live!

  4. What a sweet gesture! Gian is one gorgeous cat. My mom has always had Siamese cats. Their personalities are so quirky, I love them. I can hardly tell the CWJ now, too. Practice makes perfect!

  5. I know, if it were not for this tatting community, I would not have meant you my friend and so many other new friends with the same love of tatting as we all have!!

  6. What a precious surprise. This is an especially thoughtful, kind gesture to one who is also generous and kind. Karen in OR

  7. Thank you for this entry in your blog. It very thoughtful of Frivole.

    Being so far away and feeling isolated when I started, I re-learn almost everything through the internet from the many wonderful tatters who are willing to share. Now everything, and everyone, is only a few clicks away.

    Thank you from me, too.

  8. Are you sure that's not the one that Frivole sent? Just kidding. I think this one is your best. I'm always amazed how people are able to connect over the internet.

  9. What a sweet surprise! Frivole's tatted pieces are lovely and your heart looks perfect. I think you conquered the CWJ!

  10. what a nice surprise in the mail.
    and what a very nice heart.
    congrats Fox.

  11. An amazing package! A most Regal frame for 'His Handsome Highness'!! I recognize Frivole's own 'Irish Edging with Corners' which is so pretty (and appropriate for this time of year). And the blue doily is also gorgeous. She does everything to perfection. (I believe I'm seeing some perfect calligraphy on the envelope, also!)

    You definitely have the CW joins down pat!

  12. Aren't you a lucky girl to get a sweet gift like that!

  13. Hi fox

    Your words are very true, I have been tatting for over 40 years now, Years and years not knowing anyone who tatted, then two years ago I made a blog, encouraged by another friend which I have never meet. Today I feel part of a world of tatting, I have learnt so much, I never tatted with beads, beads were not around when I learnt, well they were but not used in tatting.
    I would like to feel that you and many many other ladies are all friends, I enjoy reading the tatting blogs and sharing ideas, the Internet has opened up doors I never knew they were there. Having taught myself to tat, today beginners have such a wonderful tool to learn by with the internet.

    Lovely heart and what gorgeous ratting from Frivole, her tatting is gorgeous, Gian looks really beautiful with the tatting around his picture, I hope he appreciates the work that went into the frame.

    Love to Gian

    Have a nice weekend


  14. Such a lovely gift to receive. I know that reading about others' adventures in tatting really helped when I was struggling with my own issues. It is really wonderful to know that you are not alone in the tatting world. :D

  15. Can it really be a whole year since Misha's passing? *sending loving thoughts out to him and big hugs to you*

    *sigh* Frivole is the tatter I aspire to be when my tatting "grows up." Elegant, refined, and practically perfect in every way.

    How soon before you commission a customized shuttle from her with Misha's photo? Silly me, you probably already have!

  16. Thanks, Isdihara! Yes, a whole year. Gian says he could care less but it is really a shock to me.

    The shuttles are wonderful - a stroke of genius by LaCossette - but I have sufficient now that I have a few more since I lost the last batch - including a lovely pansy one... : ))

    I feel guilty buying anything at this point as I have lots!

    Yes, I aspire to the level of mastery that Frivole displays every time she posts. *sigh* indeed!
    Fox : )