Thursday, March 15, 2012



Exactly  - tatted with a crocheted edge! 

I loved this design and have been inspired by the eggs that JB has been tatting.

Using this book, I found the design I liked.  Of course it just had to have those very LONG picots:

I had to cut a picot gauge to the right size, as the gauge I use sometimes( not often) is the wrong one.

Until now, I did not understand the difference between the two. That dyslexia thing again.  I could read the words, but the concept eluded me...  Why could I not measure a picot with either gauge? Well, let me explain!

That will not work because the long strip will measure the exact length I need and the picot gauge that you use horizontally will only measure one half of the required height!

You have to double the measurement you choose in the horizontal method, for  the tatter has to consider BOTH sides of the picot to measure off the thread needed to tat the picot. Good Fox!

This gives you an ideas as to how small that motif is.  It looks larger in the top of the post, but all the eggs in this bppk if tatted in #40 will be quite small.

Then, are you ready? Sigh.... more of these...


TA DA!!!


And just one more thing...

Design by Karey Solomon
Thread #40 Lizbeth.  


  1. I really enjoy looking at your work. Your egg looks so Eastery! I admire the patience it must have taken to measure each of those picots! It's all so lovely. Good work Fox!

  2. My goodness! Fox, the egg is beautiful! It looks rather complicated with the long picots, I can only marvel your tenacity tatting it.

    More hearts? LOVELY.

  3. Love the egg! Great job on the picots. The hearts are wonderful, not tired of them yet. They are definitely getting better.

  4. Your Easter Egg with those long picots makes such an awesome border!!! I love the look! :)
    Your hearts are all so cute! And the bottom motif is beautiful in those colors!! :)

  5. The egg is lovely. I don't have alot of patience for picot gauges. I usually do one picot and then eyeball it. This often results in disaster. Out of curiosity how many of those hearts have you made? (by the way I blame french Immersion for my inability to spell and my grammatical errors)

    1. That, dear victats, is an entiurlee pursonil kwestiun!
      Fox ; ))

  6. BEAUTIFUL! Once again your tatting matches your shuttle.LOL


  7. Wow! I love that egg. It is beautiful. Now that I see it made, I can't wait to make it.

  8. Beautiful !long picots are not easy to do ... your work is tip top
    ancolie (France)

  9. Hallo Fox, this little egg is soo beautiful!!!What a work to tat all those picots with a gauge. I never tried to use a gauge, ...I should... Just lovely!!
    Happy tatting,Guni

  10. I love your egg, those long picots are not easy to do but you have done a good job.


  11. love all your work very interested in #89 design. which book is that from?

    1. Thanks very much, Leeanne!
      It is from “Tatting Times Two.”
      Fox : )