Friday, March 23, 2012

Delicious Dalia

Of course, as with any Iris Niebach design, I have to start a few times.  This one took three beginnings and a couple of very big un-tatting sessions.

'Dalia'  from Tatting Fantasia by Iris Nieback                                           #93

However, I learned a lot about block tatting, because Iris explains it so well.

I learned to complete a ds before turning the work, where you are to join to the picot of the last row; and also to tat the small picot at the beginning of the next chain of the block.  These are the best blocks I have ever tatted.

It was impossible for me to tat this without my own markings and colourings.  The written part is multi- circled and colour codded.   Works for me.  If not for my printer, my books would be a mess!


  1. Pretty design!!! :)
    Love your color coding!!

  2. Your blocks are gorgeous! Lovely color too, very spring-y!

  3. Yay for printers! I have to do the same thing, especially with Iris Niebach patterns. Even then, I find that I mess up way more often than anyone could imagine! ; )

    I'm still stuck on Stumpy and Sulky Blendables... they're like popcorn!

    1. But, such lovely popcorn! All of the colours are yummy!
      Fox : )

  4. Lovely square, Fox!!Yes, the little carrees are tricky, and so many things to forget about. I was also perfect in forgeting when I tried my first squares!!! ;-)). Your colorwork is a good idea! Did you also tat the first time in green and red thread, would be perfect, don't you think so, did you?
    Have nice day, greetings from Guni ;-)

  5. That lavander makes it look so lovely. I have to start and restart Iris Niebach's designs as well, but they are so unique that they are well worth it.

  6. I'm with you on Iris Niebach designs, I find them difficult to follow! However, you did a great job of this - what interesting shapes and curves! I'd love to have that book (I've seen a few other patterns from it which appealed to me) but it seems to be very difficult to find over here...

  7. Love your work Fox and coding is awesome!! Beautiful color of thread and the shuttle really inspires you! *smile*

  8. I love this motif! And some patterns are just impossible to follow. I've been having a bit of a scrap with a Susanne Schwenke snowflake for the last few weeks - when I first started it, I had *no idea* what I was supposed to be doing.
    This is a lovely colour - and very nice block tatting!