Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Taking A Page From Umintsuru's Book

So far so good!  If you want to tat along, check out Umintsuru's blog here.


T.I.A.S. is almost done!


  1. Looking lovely, and yes he is handsome, I have been doing a guessing game on my blog for non tatters, so far they think its either a rabbit, kangaroo, dog, turtle, or bird. Its quite a colourful herd worldwide, I am wondering if anyone will get it in the non tatting world.


    1. Margaret, Some folks have no imagination! This sure looks like a goat! : )

  2. Frivole said...
    Your rosettes are looking great! And so is your goat. I want to join in the Umintsuru challenge but have been so busy with other stuff, I've not had time to start. Maybe I'll take it with me on holiday... But I see you've already started on the leaves - do you have the book?

  3. Sorry Frivole - I erased your comment by mistake!

    Thanks! Yes, I have the book, but Umintsuru has permission to post the pattern, so you can download it. Have a great holiday!
    Fox : )