Thursday, February 2, 2012

Can I Brag?

Seriously.  Just when I thought my tatting would suffer a great loss because of my obsession at the moment with 'foxtanlges', my beginner zentangle blog, (shameless plug here!) I finished this.  I am really proud of the stitching; I un-picked very large parts of it about five times to get it corrected.
Worth it big time.

#61-100 Motif Challenge

Changing the subject completely, can I show you something I rescued yesterday? Somebody threw the black book holders in the garbage. They were like new, and so useful, so there they are holding a lot of tatting books that had a propensity to jump right off the rickety bookcase!

For years, I have been on the hunt for a bookcase that has been left by the side of the road, but have never seen a good one or one that was the right dimensions.  I have mirrors and chairs though! 

The blue above the bookcase is a case in point - a lovely old wooden framed mirror I found years ago tossed out in the garbage. I painted it and it hangs over the books.


  1. Nice job on 'Stellar'. Sometimes it really pays off to go back and fix things you don't like. I just finished a piece that I should fix but I'm pretty sure it's not fixable :(
    Great find on the book holders. I'm not usually lucky at finding nice things, or maybe it's I just don't recognize them when I see them. I do love the mirror.

  2. Hi fox
    Well done. It's a beautiful motif
    What a great find, I have just sent two bookcases to auction yesterday pity you are so far away you could have had one
    Love to Gian

  3. lucky you Fox. and pretty tatting. congrats on your find. wish my stuff looked as organized as yours does

  4. Yes, definitely, you deserve to brag! Your "Stellar" motif is truly stellar :)
    Wonderful up-cycling too, that mirror is lovely.

  5. The snowflake is PERFECT! Wonderful design by Frivole and beautifully tatted by you. You constantly amaze me at the amount of tatting you do (can't keep up with you!) And your unending search for perfection is very admirable!

    I'm happy to know you 'repurpose' or paint perfectly good things; and finding these items in the trash is a bonus! (Some of my neighbors don't know that their stuff didn't make it into the garbage truck (LOL)). Also, the thrift stores would love to have just about anything. People just don't want to go to the trouble to take things there, although I think that is changing. Something that is slowing down our own decluttering effort these days is taking the time to research places that want things like old pots and pans (for metal recycling), or even things like wood coat hangers. It's easier to find these places with the internet today. Okay, speech over :)

  6. Bragging is definitely in order! Great find with the magazine holders. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you find a worthy bookcase soon!

  7. Your tatting looks wonderful! I had my first tatting lesson this week! I really enjoy visiting your blog and seeing all of your wonderful projects :)

  8. Yes, you can brag! Stellar is, well, stellar - and your tatting has not suffered :)

    The magazine holders were an awesome find - good sturdy ones. They are great for tatting and other soft-cover books. I have been thinking about attaching one to the inside of a bathroom cupboard door to hold the curling iron, blow dryer, etc. as seen on Pinterest too. I love your mirror also - isn't it amazing what a little paint can do?

  9. Your motif is very nice, you should definitely be proud.

    I also like freecycling stuff!

  10. By all means brag it up, Lady! Beautiful Work.