Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Birthday Brainwave

Although the next birthday isn't till May, I had an idea about what to give The Boss and her brother Gray for their birthdays.  

Last week I showed them both the goat and Gray really liked it a lot.  He is going to be three and has a mind of his own, having a typical Taurean nature - the best! (just like moi!)

Here is my thought:

Now to find plain white t-shirts - no easy task!


No big difference in the hearts. 

This is the newest and I think it is worse than the old one!

I know I am focussing way too much on that Catherine Wheel join (I am NOT done yet) and making it even worse,  (WHO thought this join up anyway?  What kind of mind would figure this join out?) so I took a break and started something new.
Any guesses?

Guess what? I used the Catherine Wheel join in this. How's that for synchronicity!

The pattern did not call for it and the photo shows that clearly the designer did not use it.  But it is the perfect application... I think!


  1. Hi Fox,
    Check in the craft section of walmart where they have the dyes and decals for making t-shirts.
    Hope this helps you.
    stacey (InTatters - SHL72)

  2. sometimes you just need to put it down and work on something else for a bit. your yellow hearts are very sunny. the CWJ will come, soon it will be as easy as a split ring or split chain. actually, it is a split chain stitch, if you think of it that way, it should make it easier.

    snow day here today, can't get out of the yard to go to work. so I will be tatting most of the day. yeah fun!!

    your new project looks like an Iris Neibach pattern, as it looks like it is worked in one round. onion rings just cry for CWJs

    1. Ladytats - you are so observant! Correct! Niebach it is and yes, the onion rings do very well with this stitch - if I could only get that tension!
      Fox : )

  3. Lovely ideas for the children's BDs!

    Hey, whatever you have started tatting is going to be really cool. I love the colours you are using!

  4. Those shirts are going to be great gifts!!! :)
    And that new motif is in gorgeous colors!!! :)

  5. Hallo Fox, your yellow hearts should be a gift and you will see, somebody will love them and the sun you spend him/her! And they will not find anything wrong with a ....What??? CWJ ....;-))Wow so pretty new blue thread!!!

  6. Love the t-shirt idea! I think your hearts look great and you are too hard on yourself... so there! I'm so glad your mystery piece was already identified as Iris Niebach piece... I'm to tired to make any guesses. ; )

  7. If you can't find shirts at Walmart, has dyeable clothing, so that have LOTS of options for clothing in white. Lots of REALLY cute stuff! Especially little dresses, I want to get Livi some of their dresses.

  8. Yes to the shirts

    The hearts... I see what you mean, but don't be too hard on yourself - put that pattern down for a while.. do some tangling and then come back later and try again!

    To guess what you're tatting... I have no clue, but it looks nice! :-P