Thursday, February 9, 2012

* Big Applause*

#65-100 Motif Challenge

Gian was very surprised and pleased with the 
superb outcome of T.I.A.S...


And then there was a leaf...

#66-100 Motif Challenge

There are three more leaves to tat and that will complete one square of the Ruth Scharf pattern. Umintsuru has posted some on her blog today over here. Go have a look! Her colours are terrific and she has tatted a bunch of sets.

Now, a pretty, small heart from Frivole.  I used two differing widths of threads again - will I never learn? Trying to be frugal just doesn't cut it.

#67-100 Motif Challenge

So, there is some cupping and you can see through the chains, but I tatted this very quickly to see how I would cope with the Catherine Wheel joins.  Not a problem at all!

Unfortunately, I did not consider the two colour situation in the split-ring either!  {This is what happens when you have one foot in Tat-Land and another in Tangle-World; my other  blog is foxtangles, newly begun in order to pursue my progress with the new passion that is cutting into my tatting time.  : () }

Lovely, pattern, Frivole.  Thank you.


  1. Gian:

    You go, bro. Those are some awesome looking teeth. Don't forget to use the claws too.

    Your buddy in hairballs,

  2. very nice goat Fox. will get mine finished tonight when I get home from work.
    the colors of your heart go well together.

    I like the colors you have chosen for the Ruth Scharf pattern.

  3. Just loved the pictures of your cat - really made me laugh!!

  4. Hi Fox,

    I went over to Foxtangles for the first time today and my internet connection is not working properly today so the photos took sometime to load. Love it.

    You always get great photos of Gian. I think it is a cat thing, they seem to love paper bags.

    Your leaf is looking great!! Love the colours you chose. Do help me look through the pattern I posted for mistakes. I am thinking of doing a set in your Foxtangles colour scheme. What do you think??

    1. Hi, umintsuru,
      Thanks for looking at 'foxtangles!'

      Gian is beginning to look askance when I haul out the camera... He is getting wise. Or should I say, 'wiser?"

      I think it would look great in those colours. You are so industrious!

      I will have a look at the pattern...
      Fox : )

  5. I love Gian's picture!! I wonder if Layla would like a paper bag. I once I had just purchase a 30 gallon tank. I hadn't set it up yet, and it was sitting on the floor. In comes Layla, and she randomly did this crazy flying drop kick move (I swear she flew threw the air over a foot in distance.)and slammed right into the side of the tank. I crack up every time I'm reminded of it and that picture of Gian reminds of it. :o)

  6. Oh dear your heart is a little poorly, never mind we learn by our mistakes, I also enjoyed the TIAS great goat, only my followers took a long time before they got it.

    Gian looks very scary please give him my love
    Have a nice weekend