Monday, January 30, 2012

Terminating Twenty

The last of the #20 thread has been used up and I have the mutilated digits to show for it!  I only had a little left - an HDT from one of the designers, but I apologize, I do not know whose it is!  I lost the tag.

Though the colours are great, I found that after using only #40 or smaller lately, this thread felt like I was tatting with hemp.  My fingers are a mess!

I  remember reading a blog post - I believe it was Miranda's -  on this very issue, and I have to agree with her; it is awkward to use thicker thread if you are not used to it.

At any rate, all the #20 is finished, my hands are saved and I have a lovely little motif to show for it.

#59 and #60-100 Motif Challenge

Also, I will not use two differing weights together again, as it never usually works well.This motif pulled way too much, as the pink is a #50, so the chains are too short. Live and learn.

This is from the Easter Eg book, but I had to leave out two repeats, because I was about to run out of thread, so I have a circle instead of the intended oval.

Then I tatted another egg, this one in Karey Solomon's HDT #30 Cebelia. I have complained a lot ( oh, how I do LOVE to kvetch!) in the past about Cebelia, but I have come to enjoy tatting with it in the #30 very much.  Too bad there are so few nice colours.

This is the last of the 'foxtangles'!  If I feel the need to keep posting them, I shall post on the other blog! What? Addicted? Me?

If you are interested in Zentangles, check out this site, but be warned.  This is where I was first lured into the world of tangles!


  1. Your circle and egg look very nice (what, no beads in the egg?). I use size 20 mostly and agree that changing sizes can be pretty dramatic on the hands. I use the size 20 because using the smaller threads, though looking very delicate, takes a lot of tatting to cover much ground. I don't always have much time to tat so I like to see progress (!) when doing edgings or such. (and the older I get the harder it is to see the stitches in the smaller thread :o)
    I like the Zentangle. If you decide to start another blog on it I'll follow that one, too :)

  2. Thanks, Michelle!. I am glad that you like the Zentangle! Such fun and a serious time-robber.

    Tattrldy, Wow! You made my day! That is a lovely vote of confidence. : ) I did start the 'foxtangles' blog... Follow the link on the post.... Thanks again. Maybe it will be a short-lived interest and then again... : ))

  3. Two beautiful motifs, I love your egg and the thread colour looks beautiful

  4. I love your foxtangles as well! Seeing yours the other day made me want to break out my sharpies again. (Though I had never heard of "zentangle" before, It just reminded me of my "sharpie works") And of course.. I did break out the Sharpies... I couldn't resist :o) I'll have to post a pic of what I came up with some time.

  5. You have another blog? Where????
    BTW, if you get to missing size 20 thread, I have plenty to share!

  6. My current love is size 40 thread. I agree that it is very difficult to work with thicker threads after working with finer threads. Still, there are times when size 20 fits the bill, so I think I'll keep working with it. : )

  7. I agree about the thread. I've been working with 50 and 70 lately--it's so crisp! But today I was using size 20, and it felt like rope!
    Nice little tats. N
    No, no tangles! Don't tempt me! I have no time! :b giggle