Friday, January 27, 2012

Romp with Regency

Regency Doily, that is, designed by Karey Solomon.

57-100 Motif Challenge
Thread is Lizbeth #40 and 
Tatskool's gorgeous Ginger and Clove  HDT #40 
from her Spice collection. 
Thanks Suneeti!

The pattern for this motif, which measures just under five inches in diameter when tatted in #40 thread, appears in the February 2011 issue of Tatting Times. It has taken about a week to tat, most of it having been completed while in NYC.

My eldest Grand (nearly 7) loved this and requested one like it, but with another layer attached on the top!  Imagine that!

Once again, I used restraint in adding beads, and am pleased with the results, though I do notice where I could have utilized a wee bit of glamour in the centre, with a controlled application of ochre or terra cotta Delicas.

With the remaining thread I pulled out this book:

This is the pattern I chose: 


  1. Your doily is outstanding!!! :)
    And the Easter egg is cute! :)

  2. Very nice doily, Fox! Those delicas would look nice in the center, I agree. Maybe on the next one for your 'Grand'?

  3. A labour of love, and the colours are fantastic

  4. Very restrained on the beads, I had to look closely to see them. Nice job. Another layer? That could be interesting. Do you have plans on how to accomplish that?
    Isn't is fun to receive requests from the grands?

  5. This is an incredibly beautiful doily, I just love it and would like to give it a go in the future some time! you did an excellent job, kudos to you sweetie!!!

  6. Such lovely comments! Thank you, Everyone! Fox : )

  7. Gorgeous Doily, and Easter Egg,

    Love to Gian, how is he?


  8. Love, love, love the colors in the doily. It's really pretty!

  9. That looks amazing with all the different colors! You used just the right balance of solids and variegateds to really make the design pop!

    If a doily is really going to be used as a doily, then I think it's probably best not to have beads in the center. A bit of sparkle in the outer rounds is fine, but if you're going to set something on top of it, then beads in the middle could throw it off balance, or even scratch your furniture-- exactly what a doily is supposed to prevent! So I really think the way you did it is just right.

  10. That is a gorgeous doily just love the colours!

  11. That is an awesome doily! I like the egg, too... but the doily is awesome!

  12. Lovely doily. Your egg is pretty too. You are right that book is a nice one for quick projects to test colors.

  13. I really love the colors of this thread - and the doily is gorgeous! I probably should quit making hearts and move on to Easter eggs now. Heck, I still have a couple more snowflakes I need to make before spring.