Saturday, January 7, 2012

Her Left Foot completed!

#47-100 Motif Challenge
Both threads are Lizbeth #30
In my dotage, I have made a lovely discovery.  

I have not been happy with the way sewing thread attaches the edging to the sock, particularly this type of sock, that has an ankle length that must be turned under, so the edging must be attached to the crease at the top.  Follow?

The thin attaching thread must be doubled and is not very strong and there is a lot of fiddly sewing involved and you know how 'fiddly' and I do NOT get along!

So, I decided to sew the edging on with #30 DMC Cordonnet!  Perfect solution!  I can't figure out why this did not occur to me sooner.   ...dotage...

One sock left.  Why is it always more difficult to settle down to tat it the second time?


  1. Pretty sock. The pattern and thread are lovely.

  2. Hi Fox! Happy New Year and that edging is just cute!

  3. Oh how gorgeous that sock looks all fancied up! :)

  4. It looks so cute! Good to know about using the cordonnet thread. Thanks

  5. How Beautiful!! There you go me a great idea. I have always been a bit unhappy with the regular thread attached edges....

  6. I simply love this edging, the pattern and the colour you chose makes this pair of socks so unique. I am sure she will love it!!

  7. oh! I had to tat Zella’s sockie edgings first and I did 4 pair...then attached them with invisible thread (yes, it is a fiddly thread ‘cause it is slippery, but I do like the result). Thinking of you.... Ridgewoman