Thursday, January 19, 2012

Follow Your Heart

...or yet another heart pattern.  Here it is again.  Irene Woo's heart in one colour. A few beads are in there too. I could not resist.  Really, just a few.

The ones on the bottom are the beads my mom saved from some vintage piece last year for me.

#56-100 Motif Challenge

I had leftover thread so:
#57-100 Motif Challenge
Celtic Pattern by Rosemary Peel
HDT by Karey Solomon

More loose ends. Searching for the next tatting challenge...


  1. Pretty in pink! That was so nice of your mom to save beads for you. They look like just the right size for the thread, too.

  2. both motifs are awesome! i like that you are so confident with beads.

  3. Hi Fox,

    Gorgeous heart, and love celtic pattern, why are you searching for a new project, the TIAs has started, I thought you might have had a go at it.
    Love to Gian,

  4. Lovely pieces...

    I haven't had the guts to try celtic tatting... (save for I think one of Jon's snowflakes if that is counted)

  5. Well now, you know how I love HDT's, but this is one case where I think a single, solid color really brings out the design best. This is beautiful!

  6. I like the heart in one colour, too. I love the celtic design--it looks fab in those colours!

  7. The celtic design would make a lovely brooch if mounted on felt, or something similar, with a pin attached on the reverse.

  8. I think the pink heart is the best yet. I greatly admire your eye for adding beads - you spice up your pieces in just the right way!

    As to the celic motif, all I can say is wow! What hand dyed thread is it again? It works just perfectly there!

    1. M, Oh, thanks for the comment! I forgot to add the thread credit!
      Fox : )