Friday, January 6, 2012

All About Her Ankles

#46-100 Motif Challenge
#30 Lizbeth

...lace.  What else?  Mini-Boss is lucking out this visit.  I shall be travelling to see my NYC family later this month, and wee Maeve shall have two pairs of socks with tatted edgings.

I would love to tat two dragons for her brothers, as I am so pleased with the stiffening agent I used on the last one, but I do not think I will have enough time to get through two of them.

But, you know me...  once I get an idea... I do have some lovely thread from Suneeti in a perfect blue and turquoise that could have either blue or green as the body...


  1. I like the edging. Isn't it interesting how you can have a book for years and never "see" a. Particular pattern and then someone else does it in a beautiful thread and suddenly it's the greatest thing ever?

  2. very very nice tatting and beautiful color!
    I love your Cat!

  3. That edging is gorgeous!!! And the colors are fabulous!! :)

  4. oh, Fox, that is a very nice edging.
    Have fun on your trip.

  5. You often inspire me to look at a book that I have ignored for a while, and now you've done it again! I love the edging, and I think it will look perfect on a pair of socks!

    Enjoy your visit to NYC!

  6. This edging is beautiful in this color combination. Blissful Tatting 2012...

  7. I have to agree with Michelle. Your work often has the same effect on me. Thanks.