Saturday, December 3, 2011

Snowflake Splendour

#26-100 Motif Challenge
This is, of course the finished Frivole pattern which you can find on her blog.  
Isn't it lovely! Also delightful to tat.  I will do this one again.

On a different tack...
Ambitatterous often has tea info on Tatting Tuesday, however I never read about tea because I never drink it - till now!  This flu bug has turned me into a traitor to java.  Coffee - yucky!  

I found this 

While foraging in the grocery store for something I felt like eating I found this and considering I do not like chocolate, I have no idea why I bought it - must have been a fevered brain.
It is good! I may be a convert...


  1. I love my coffee, but I also have two tea drawers at home filled to the brim with all kinds of tea. I love tea, too! You don't like chocolate? I like the dark.
    Love the snowflake!

  2. oooohhh! That is so pretty! I really should start one of those. I have been engrossed in a geeky knit project lately, (plus normal end-of-year busyness) so I haven't tatted much. But this one is vey inspiring indeed!

  3. (I spotted a missing "r" in "very" just after I hit "post" in my previous comment...)

  4. Special Spelling Police have been recalled to the station.... ; ))

  5. I love the snowflake! I only drink tea when I'm sick, otherwise it tastes awful to me. Chocolate tea? Are you sure?

  6. A pretty flake, indeed! Love the vibrant blue thread.

  7. That's one of the prettiest snowflakes I've ever seen! It looks so... snowflake-like!

    What on earth do you do for International Tatting Day if you don't like chocolate?

  8. I love caffeine free ginger lemon tea ( Stash) when I am sick..ginger is anti an emergency you can just heat water and add ground ginger from your spice cabinet. If you can add rose hips ( I collect and keep whole in freezer) you get lots of Vitamin C too. robin N ME. tatter

  9. you still have the flue? oh poor dear.
    Chai tea can be good, and Chocolate is good too, the darker the better, but if you don't like chocolate, buying this does seem odd, but glad that you like it. we might get a convert yet.

    very pretty snowflake Fox.

  10. Fantastic flake in a fantastic color. Happy to see you're well enough to tat and post. Hope that means you health is improving. Karen in OR

  11. dark chocolate chai tea??

    Sounds decadently, delightfully sinful!
    I'm sure you'll be back to normal in no time!

    Love the final motif, looks great!