Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mucking About & Motifs in the Mail

#30 Motif-100 Motif Challenge
Design by Monica Hahn

In the midst of dragon-avoidance I tatted this motif which looks so simple, but it actually takes some concentration to gat all those rings jammed together properly! Tatted in Milford #40. Thanks, Suneeti and Typstatting!

The dragons got finished, but then what?  The pink one was much too fragile for The Boss's delicate, though decidedly five-year-old grip, so I decided to do this:

The kids can do with them as they wish.  Gray might put his in one of his dump trucks...

The mail this week was lovely!  
There were greetings from tatting buddies on two continents:

I am lucky. Thank You!


  1. Glad to see that your card made to you!! Hope you have a great holiday!!

  2. Graet idea with the dragons love the tatted motifs!

  3. Hey Fox! Cute motif, and your dragons are so cute. Merry Christmas!

  4. I have received the Finca and more from your giveaway! The three motives that you tatted are a treasure to own. The thread winders, beads, beading threader thingy, Valdani and all are greatly appreciated. If I had a blog I'd post a picture so everyone could see how you give so generously. Thank you. Karen in OR getting my shuttles reading to wind!

  5. Hi, Karen! Glad you liked it and Canada Post came through during this busy time! Happy Tatting!
    Fox : )