Monday, December 5, 2011

Dragon Dilemma

Single shuttle split ring or plain, old, ordinary split ring.  Hmmm what will it be?

Before tackling the Dragon pattern by AnneB, I figured I had better practice the SSSR, which I always forget how to tat. I suppose I never really use it much.  Sort of like the split chain, which I did use on the last snowflake. 

However, this time I suddenly realized the split chain no longer terrifies me!  I have made finally, finally befriended it. I could not even find it in the photo when I looked at the post of that snowflake! Yah!

Alas, no such good feeling exists yet between me and the SSSR.  I can tat them, but I am not comfortable with them, so I went with the SR. 

In this pattern, you are instructed to use two shuttles anyway, after the initial one for the tail, so it makes sense to me to just start off with the two. Points for giving it a good shot, though!

Don't you just love that DMC #80 Red for a dragon?  I think it is the perfect thread for a small version of one member Anne B's illustrious Dragon Den.


  1. I was just about to say, use whichever technique you feel more confident with - or the one you feel like practicing!

    It is looking good. I adore that pattern! I have yet to try it in smaller thread...

  2. I don't mind that SSSR, but the split chain terrifies me :) I still haven't mastered adjusting patterns at all - I have a heck of a time just following them the way they're written! Kudos to you for doing it however it works.

    That red will make an awesome dragon - and a tiny one at that :)

  3. I've made several of them, but none with the SSSR - I can do them, but they're not my favorite technique. I found SRs to be easier, by far, and quicker, too!

    Love the red! I haven't tatted one in 80 (I'd need a microscope!), but I am contemplating tatting one in 40!

  4. I have the same feelings with the SSSR. They are not on my list of favorites!!! I love the dragon in red he/she will be most regal when done!!!

  5. IMO, the SSSR is good to know in case you only have one shuttle with you - or you are using 2 colors and want the SR in one color. Otherwise, use 2 shuttles - it's so much easier!

  6. I've made it both ways and I like the split rings one better because they're less "floppy". Perhaps I'm not very good at the SSSR?

    Red is perfect and as soon as you feel better, Bluebird and I are going to get you on Oovoo to show us split chains!

  7. Yes! I've been wanting to make a red dragon, too, just haven't gotten to it yet. Size 80, good for you!

  8. The dragon will be neat in red. It wasn't that long ago you told me I was crazy to tat in size 80. Look at you now!

  9. I agree, the SSSR is 'floppier' than the SR and harder to do. I always have to re-learn it before I try to use it for something. SRs are soooo much faster and easier! The dragon is looking good!