Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Swanky Schwenke Spawns a Loop Tatted Ring

17-100 Motif Challenge

Finca #16 thread and vintage glass beads my mom gave me look wonderful in this Susanne Schwenke pattern.  Plus - wait for it - I completed this tat the first time - no breaks, no knots, no split thread, no fraying, all one length of thread!  Yahoo!

I love josephine knots.  This motif makes me smile. The pattern did not call for JK's; I admit to cheating and changing it a little bit...  Anyone else out there in Tat-land as enamoured with this technique as I am?

Next, I had thread still on the shuttles and was intrigued with the post from Frivole about loop-tatted rings, which Tatting Fool had posted about a while back as well. I couldn't wait.

Considering that this was tatted as an afterthought, when I had finished the motif above, and it was once o'clock in the morning, I am thrilled!  

I understood the directions immediately, realizing that the method is the same as for tatting a single shuttle split ring.  Where you are directed to finger-tat, you could use  another shuttle and just tat normally to complete the ring.  

Ahhh, the wonderful glow of tatting prowess!

The emotional high might very soon take a nosedive, as I tuck into the Candlelight Snowflake.


  1. What a lovely motif! I like the colors you chose.
    There are josephines in the Quatrain- I think one of the reasons I love it so much.

  2. Congrats on the very pretty Snowflake. and woo hoo to you for once & done!!

    the loop tatted ring gives many possibilities. Aren't tatters brains amazing, either Jane E's 3rd cell is making the rounds when she isn't looking, or we all have fairy braincells lurking about.

  3. Gorgeous motif and well done on completing it in one go.
    I have not tried the looped-tatted rings, I will have to do this when I come back I dont have time before we everything going on.
    Looks very good your practice piece.

  4. Swanky Schwenke Spawns a Loop Tatted Ring...say that three times fast! ;)

    That's a dandy snowflake there and the josephine knots really add to it. Looks great!

  5. Wow. It is beautiful. I really like the josephine knots, they add a lot.

  6. You did a right fine bit of lacework here, Fox!
    Yes, I am enamoured with Josephine knots. And Mrs. Mees frilly rings too.

  7. So happy you got the concept... you say it's the same method as tatting a SSSR... ok, I think I now understand a little better how to do it.

    Will go back and read Miranda's instructions.

    If I have any questions, I'll let you know!!