Saturday, November 12, 2011

over and over and over and....

#14 - 100 Motif Challenge   Design by Julie Patterson
Lots of grief.  I said I would not tat this again, but of course I had to.  In  the final version (there were about four false starts) I used  #16 Finca, which was way too soft for this design.  But, there you have it.  Moving on.
While out in my neighbourhood yesterday, I was stopped short by a garden in which I saw colours that looked very familiar.  Then I realized what I was noticing. Don't you just love Mother Nature?  A tatter for sure.


  1. See, I knew you were going to get that star right.

  2. you are right, she must be a tatter, she can really come up with gorgeous colorways. I suspect she is a dyer of HDTs. I wonder if you could tat a hydrangea? I know Linda Davies has done many 3D flowers, but don't know if she has designed one of them.

  3. is beautiful. these autumnal colors. wouuu truly beautiful and inspiring.

  4. Great job on the star! Over and over again, indeed!

    Mother Nature must use a wooden shuttle, don't you think? : )

  5. Stunning pictures, just love it when nature says yes!
    As for your 'grief' piece, as I have said before you have tremodous patience!

  6. Your perseverance has paid off once again. Brava, bella!

    Isn't it amazing how expertly Nature's colorplays work out to be? All the best color combinations are found in nature. (IMHO)

    A certain angel I am working on this weekend has me tatting, cutting, starting over, tatting, I take strength from your diligence.

  7. Yay, you got it!!

    Neato on the colors... reminds me of the time you posted about getting the perfect pair of skivvies for your thread!

  8. Lovely motif, beautiful colour, and the bookmark is gorgeous, only tatters would think of colours and thread.
    No Gian today,k

  9. Your motif looks really nice! And you need to let us in on how to borrow natures colors.. :D