Friday, November 18, 2011

Candlelight Calamity

#18 - 100 Motif Challenge 
Thread by Tatskool, pattern by Sabina Carden-Madden
I have learned a wonderful new trick thanks to Frivole. I am happy to know how to manage loop-tatted rings.  Thank you, Frivole!!

However, I will NOT be tatting this pattern again!  Very fiddly and I am not thrilled with the result.

Look at Frivole's and you can see why mine is less than stellar.  *sigh*.  I knew my flash of confidence would be short-lived!

I also must admit that blocking the beast was also a pain.  So there!

On a lighter side, I must share this.  I barely managed to contain my my hysterical laughter, while reaching for my camera.

Gian Battles The Paper Bag


  1. Oh fox,

    I love your motif and gorgeous colour, you have done a lovely job.
    I am sitting here laughing Gian is so funny thank you for sharing his funny moment.
    I am away for two weeks, so see when I get back, their are scheduled post while I am away.

  2. Amazing work as always. I love the added beads to it. The color is just amazing.

  3. Gian:

    The little bag is not fit for you to put your head into. A bigger one works nicely though. Try barfing on the little bag to give Her a hint.

    your pal

    AKA "Bad Thing"

  4. Hilarious times when a gorgeous Gian and a paper bag come into contact. I remember using a large paper bag and scratching the outside back, and Puss would charge into the bag to attack the paper monster. What fun! Who needs t.v.?

  5. I just had a quick read through the pattern. It seems to me that, although it's not written in, it would be better to do a shoelace trick before and after each of those rings on the tips of the points. That would keep the chains from twisting. Just a thought for next time you do a pattern that has something like that...

    Gian looks happy.

  6. Less than stellar- chortle, chortle! I love the colors.

    I wish I could have a cat- they're so fun, significantly better than tv

  7. Absolutely love the snowflake, and love the colors, very pretty!

  8. I see what you mean... however, I don't think yours looks bad - I like it.. but maybe Frivole's has to do with color as well?

    HAHA... classic cat-head in the bag! love it!

  9. I'm sorry that you had problems with it, but it's really very pretty. I've thought of making it many times, but some how I never get to it.

  10. You are all so very supportive. Thank you.

    I feel better about it now and may even , after great encouragement from Frivole, try it again. Sometime!
    Fox : )

  11. Count me among the applauding fans of your candlight motif. The color and bead choices are sublime and I suspect this is one of those designs that works best when tatted in short invervals with calming breaks in between. (Though I could be wrong. I have never tried this one myself.)

    You did great! Brava!

  12. It looks wonderful!!! The colours are so bright & cheery. We have 2 cats: Momo and MooShoo & they provide us with lots of entertainment too :)