Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Till I Get It Right...

#3 - 100 Motif Challenge
This orange and green, Finca #16 motif, and the one underneath I did get right!  The green/orange is a vintage pattern from somewhere -  I don't remember where. I finished it and just stuck it on top of the lilac tat, and I am enjoying the old-fashioned look of these as they sit temporarily on my table. There is something so appealing about this arrangement to me.  Funny, what pleases...

Then, feeling more confidence, I took my markers in hand and attacked Jon's 'Almas' diagram.  I am determined to get this right!

So, I started it.

The Finca #16 is still right up there on my favourite list. It does have a whitish undertone - maybe the dye is not that consistent?  Anyone know what I mean?

I don't mind this quirky colour-thing.  It gives the stitches a texture that is interesting.

I picked the Delica beads out at night, and thought they were blue, but they are actually green with bluish highlights.  Pretty. You can't really see them here.

As of this morning:


  1. I love this pattern and the beads look good, they probably show up better in the greenish blue.

  2. You blue Almas is looking terrific! Do you use the coil-less safety pins as insurance markers? (So you don't join or add beads to the wrong picot?)

    So pretty in that shade of blue!

  3. Oh what a gorgeous blue!!! I love the look of that design! :)

  4. Isdihara, yes, that is exactly why I did that and guess what? I had them on the WRONG picot! What is WRONG with ME!!!!
    Fox : ))

  5. Hmmm, didn't know you had stolen Lace-Lovin Librarian's threads - you NAUGHTY girl. I thought she was the guardian of ALL blue thread!!!! It is a gorgeous blue although I don't get on with Finca thread I admire those who do.

  6. I am sure that with the huge amount of perseverance that you seem to have in store, you will be able to get this tatted the way you want. it is very pretty in a solid color. best of luck.