Friday, October 7, 2011

Threes A-Peel

The finger is healing and I have been forced to tat small.  Happily.  I really like what I have been playing with, using up the last of the pretty threads.

You saw the first Rosemary Peel design, that I tatted and here is the second:

Here they are together:

And whoo hoo!  What's this?

 I should stab myself more often.

Three patterns from Tatting for Pleasure


A non sequiter:

I found this fascinating.

A Knotting Shuttle
Petra's Blog is here.


  1. Lovely motifs and pretty colour choices... which Rosemarie Peel book is it in? I have to admit they look intricately woven. Glad to hear the finger is mending.

  2. Pretty, pretty motifs, but please try not to get injured more often. Your delicate digits need to remain tickle and cuddle-ready for The Boss, Mini Boss and Gian (if he is receptive to such things).

  3. I know you will probably be inundated with pendants like myself...but I can't help my self, I just have to say it...that is a knotting shuttle. Knotting was originally done to prevent threads from fraying, but was then done as decoration for furniture and draperies. It was popular amongst fashionable ladies because it required little concentration and showed off their beautiful white hands. It was the fore-runner of tatting, but you can see the tips on that shuttle don't join, it would have been difficult to do real tatting. :)
    (Much more info can be found in Pam Palmer's excellent little book "Tatting")

  4. Rosemary's patterns certainly are a-peeling! I'm glad you're finger is healing... no more stabbing, please!

  5. The small motifs are fantastic! And I love the non sequiter.

  6. Thank you for the comments!

    snowy, Thanks for pointing out the use for that enormous shuttle. I do wonder if she also tatted!

    Stacy Christian, I added the title of the book to the post: Tatting for Pleasure. : )


  7. Wonderful! Your motifs are wonderful!

  8. Beautiful motifs, love the patterns,
    Gosh I dont think I want to try that shuttle by the size of it, it would be a real handful.
    Have a lovely weekend,

  9. I love the colours you put together for your motifs. Very pretty!!


  10. Those motifs turned out very nice. I like the long picots that criss-cross and join in the middle; what a novel idea.

  11. Lovely motifs Fox, those colours are so pretty!

  12. The motifs are lovely. I'm glad your finger is healing.

  13. Ohhh, I love those motifs & those colors!! :) I love the woven look, but haven't mastered it myself - one of those patience things I guess..
    That shuttle is quite interesting - I always like to think about what the people in old portraits were like in real life!

  14. They are all so pretty. You choose the most unusual colours and I love them!!

  15. All of this patterns look very complicated... but they're so lovely!