Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Teiko Terrific

Teiko Fujito, that is. Her patterns are delightful and usually drive me round the bend, but this went so well that I was able to follow up quickly with one from Suzanne Schwenke, which unfortunately resulted in some severe hair-pulling.

This is the end of that vintage thread from Ladytats.  It was #80 or so, and very crisp - a joy to work with, albeit very skinny. I loved the colour.


Remember that injury a few posts back?  The bandage and salve post? Well, here is what REALLY happened.  I did have a mishap with my hook, but that happened a few weeks ago and was not worth  mentioning.

What was a problem was that it did not heal well and I realized it felt as if there were a splinter in the wound and that was what was hurting, not the puncture itself.

Not being one to seek medical advice, when I imagine I can effect *small* cures, I got a pin ... and guess what?  I pulled thread fibres out of my finger!  The pain stopped as soon as the tweezers had done their work.  Anyone else had that happen?  Ah, the perils of the tat.


  1. I love the thread and the motifs! Well done!

    No, I've never had threads stuck in my finger, but then again, I've never stabbed myself so severely that I needed ointment and bandaids... a little sucking action has always worked just fine. However, I believe I've had wallpaper slivers stuck in my finger since last February. Would you like to doctor my finger for me? : )

  2. Hmm, can honestly say I have never embedded thread fibers in a fingertip, but that doesn't mean a thing.

    Once I broke a machine sewing needle by sewing over my fingernail and found a fragment of needle tip embedded in the soft, fleshy tissue next to the nail. No blood, but I passed right out anyway. True story. I'm a fainter.

  3. Fibers in your finger? I'm glad you got them out. Your TF motif is beautiful and so delicate.

    The new header really shows off Gian's eyes...

  4. You Guys!

    I honestly didn't think anyone would answer those musings and here you are: a supporter; a fainter and an injured tatter!

    C'mon over, Diane! I'm a wizard with a sewing needle and a bit of antiseptic!
    Fox ; ))

  5. Gorgeous motif, I have never had any thread in my fingers, thats a new one, I have no idea how you do that, I hope its getting better now.

  6. Never a thread fiber stuck in my finger, but I've had denim fibers from my jeans stuck in a wound on my shin from hitting a barrel... does that count?? :) I didn't know such a thing was possible, & I'm amazed that you can manage such sever injuries with a tatting shuttle!! I do believe applause is in order! :)

  7. So glad your finger is better. I once sewed over the end of my finger with a sewing machine while making costumes for a Tennessee Williams play. The designer said "Don't bleed on the costumes!"

    Pretty motifs - love the leaves! Fall is my favorite season...

  8. Getting fibers from tatting in your finger is definitely a new one on me. I hope it doesn't happen again! Your latest motifs are quite charming, pretty colors.

  9. You certainly are one to venture into the unknown! Fibers in the skin are a new one for me too. Lovely motifs!

  10. Sorry you had an owie.
    glad you enjoyed the thread.
    your tatting is gorgeous as always.

  11. Wow! I really enjoy reading your blog. I must say I have never had thread fibers in my fingers, just the point of the shuttle.

  12. Ohhh fibres in the wound - thats sounds painful and not at all nice.

    The motifs are beautiful and the SS really looks stunning in that colour combination, I owuldn't of thought of Yellow with Turquoise!