Monday, October 24, 2011

Tatting Gone Bad

I can't seem to get anything right these days.  I am very disgruntled.

This is "Almas," from Jon's Snowflake book.  All was going swimmingly, till, of course, right on cue, the last repeat.  I went the wrong way or something and it did not finish well.  Grrr.  

There is no more of the silk thread, (variegated from LadyShuttlemaker) so I could not fix it and I have no intention of doing it over at this time.  It is done.  I do like the colours though and the beads... ( old ones I love and did NOT give away!)

I am also not happy tatting with silk - even the thicker stuff.  I find it very difficult; it catches on my cuticles.

I am calling this #1 of my 100 Motif Challenge.  I have been zipping through the 25 Motif Challenge, and it is a pain to keep start the count over, so I am just going to do 100.  I wonder how long it will take!

Looking at it, I think I might just tat this again - I cannot stand not having done it right!

#2 - 100 Motif Challenge
This one I did correctly.  Small, but right!



  1. Celtic catastrophe... ha ha! You crack me up! I haven't attempted Celtic tatting, and I think I'll avoid it for a while based on the recent experiences of my blogging buddies!

    I also have trouble with silk thread catching on my cuticles. I'm thinking that a manicure might be in order. : )

    100 motif challenge... I'm in awe!

  2. Once again, I do not notice any mistakes... could it have something to do with the colorway - which btw, is scrum-diddly-umptious ~ like strawberries and cream!!

    I bought some silk HDT from Sherry once... Easter Egg it was called - I liked it, but at that time I didn't have snaggy cuticles (unlike now)

    That's a great idea you know... 100 motif challenge (hmm... do I see a new trend beginning?)

    Motif #2 is a nice, easy (and very versatile) piece. I was playing around with that just night before last... turned out OK, but not what I was trying to achieve

    and the pumpkin? I still don't understand Celtic tatting - I think I will go to YT now and see if I can find some videos on it.


  3. I LOVE the color of your silk thread - and I don't see anything wrong with that snowflake! I know what you mean though - I hate it when I mess up on the last repeat and finish with a frown :(

    If I can do that darn pumpkin, YOU can too!

  4. You could always attach a hanger at the part where you went whoopsie do, people seem to not notice those attach points so much and would only see the perfect parts. :)

  5. I think your snowflake is simply beautiful. Only you know it isn't correctly me it looks perfectly fine. I never heard of Celtic tatting and it looks as complicated as all Celtic knots appear to be. Happy tatting 100 motifs...

  6. I LOVE the pink thread and I generally don't. The variegation is so delicate and gorgeous.

    I'm sorry about the pumpkin. I made two more last night. Scratch that. I tatted two more- wove one perfectly and for the life of me can't do the second! How about if I mail mine to you and yours to me and we weave each other's? : )

  7. I've looked but can't find a problem with your beautiful snowflake. I've not been very adventurous with Celtic tatting, yet something else to add to my todo list.

  8. Hi Fox! If it makes you feel any better, I had a go at that pumpkin last night and IT DEFEATED ME!!! I hate being defeated so I will have to conquer it eventually but that wriggly, curly, unruly long chain gets me every time!

  9. I think your snowflake looks beautiful what a shame it went wrong, I had to laugh a your pumpkin, I have the pattern but have not started it yet, not feeling that well today with a sore throat, may not do any tatting later.

  10. Well, then - thank you for all your admissions of a similar defeat! Misery loves company!

    I really hate giving up on a pattern and this one has me really stumped. i do not know if I will EVER try it again as I always have trouble with celtic knots. Such frustration!
    Fox : 0