Monday, October 17, 2011

Last Leaf, A Warrior and New Challenge

A friend of mine saw the last leaf bookmark I tatted and loved it.  REALLY loved it.  In fact, I could tell by her expression that she was hoping I would exchange it for the one I had just given her!

However, as it is probably my favourite tatted piece ever, I said I would make her the same one.  So I did.  It is not quite as nice as mine, the one on the right of the screen, but I think she will like it.  It goes in the mail today.

Pattern by Karey Solomon

Funny, mine has more mistakes and flaws than this one, but I really adore it.


Then, a new project. 
Oh, Susanne Schwenke,
I might just have to spitzen on your Spitzen Kreationen!


Heartfelt emotions run rampant at my place:


  1. Ah, Gian.

    Je t'aime toujours.

    ♥ Sophie ♥

  2. I just love the leaf bookmarks!!! My kind of colours!! Can`t wait to see how your new projest turns out!

  3. Gian, you man about town, you! I don't dare send you pictures of my lovely Miss Eva, you'd break her heart.

  4. Beautiful! I really need to try those beads. Your leaves are gorgeous!

  5. What a beautiful leaf! But Gian is the best.

  6. Your leaves are lovely and I like the way you did the tail. I love the pop the beads add.

  7. Beautiful work Fox. Really like your leaves too. And what's happening with Susanne Schwenke??... Elle te donne du fil à retordre? (a french expression that is very suitable in this case!) I spotted that motif, it will look great when you finish it.

  8. The bookmarks are lovely - but I think yours is still nicer than 'hers'....

    Lovely photos of GIan...

  9. Your bookmarks are gorgeous and love the colours,
    Gian looks like he is having the time of his life, sending him a cuddle.

  10. Beautiful tatting and equally beautiful photography! You definitly have an eye for color and composition! And with Gian as your 'model' (don't tell HIM that!), you could produce calendar or magazine shots!
    (I'm getting a kick out of Gian's 'correspondence' with his 'pen pals' and his Don Juan persona!)

    I am still amazed at the amount of tatting that you do, and your experiments with beads, threads and new ideas! This Susanne Schwenke piece looks wonderful. The 'cat' shuttle is SO special!

  11. Thank you, All, so much for the wonderful comments. : ))

    Frivole, ça me rend fou! Fox : ))

    Gian is pleased that you all noticed him. He is presently in front of the mirror, with his brush...

  12. I really like these. The split rings on the tassel chain are a very nice touch.

  13. There's something about first-tatted pieces that we treasure more... no matter the amount of mistakes, etc.

    I can understand the love you have for said piece.

    They both are nice though - I'm sure she'll like it.