Saturday, October 29, 2011

Going Boldly...

#5-100 Motif Challenge
Celtic tatting design by Ruth Perry.  
Tatted in Tabatha's Lizbeth #20
Followed by this really pretty design by Sharon Briggs:

#6- 100 Motif Chalenge

 A Brainwave Followed

I have a cotton jacket - very cute, but the sleeves were so long I had to have them rolled all the time, and they always looked sloppy.

After a year of aggravation, last night I cut off the ends of the sleeves, hemmed them (very difficult to do on a jersey-like heavy cotton  - I do not sew, remember) and crocheted two rows of #20 Lizbeth thread around the edge.

I am going to attach this vintage edging to the sleeves!  I had to order a ball of#10 (ugh), Cebelia in black to tat this, because it needs to be really heavy. After trying out the pattern, I think it will be good.  

Not being one to wear embellishments of any kind, especially tatting, this is a very bold move pour moi!

Today I will pick up the Cebelia.  Then I will throw the rest of this impossible black Lizbeth in the garbage, where it belongs.  Then I do not have to complain anymore!

What do you think?  Cute, eh?

Now - THIS is cute:


  1. Wow, wow, wow! You rock at that celtic knot stuff, sister - I love the little heart. And Sharon's snowflake is beautiful in that thread - is it the Carribbean Lizbeth?

    You have the perfect thing going on for that jacket - you do too sew! That edging is just perfect. I love vintage-y stuff - I wish I could make time to tat cool stuff like that. I admire your work so much!

  2. Your blue Celtic tatting is gorgeous. How very smart and clever of you to enhance your jacket with this gorgeous black tatted edging. Kitty is super cute!

  3. Happy Bluebird, Such a compliment from you makes my day! Thank you! YOU sew. I do not, so taking up a needle really is pushing the envelope! I hope this works.

    Yes, it is Caribbean Lizbeth.

    Thanks! I am really practicing with Gian's cord and it seems to be working. I do hope the jacket thing is successful!

    Fox : )

  4. I cann`t wait to see your jacket when it is done!! The edging you picked is prefect for your project!

  5. Gian is adorable!
    Your jacket is going to look very chic with the added lace. Can't wait to see it.

  6. You will love your jacket after you dress it up! I have a denim jacket that I edged with tattings and trimmed the top of pockets... people are always commenting on it!

  7. I can't wait to see the edging on the jacket! Great idea!

  8. Fox, nice job. I like the motifs and the colors are so me. Glad to see your keeping up trying the celtic tatting! It's fun once you get the hand of it.

    I'm also glad to hear another tatter admit they don't wear much tatted embellishments. I thought I was the only one!

  9. What a great brainwave! Look forward to seeing the jacket finished.
    Celtic tatting is still a challenge for me. Yours look great and the colorful snowflake makes me want to make it now. It'll have to go on my list. Karen in OR

  10. Great motifs and that looks like a wonderful edging! :)

  11. Fox,
    about the must!

  12. ooh, I am sure it will look great, you are very creative to think of such a solution, and while you state you don't sew, obviously you know how. it will look great.

  13. Your tatted motifs are so pretty! Love the colourway. Hey, I think the edging would look fabulous. I can visual it... :)

  14. Um not so sure about throwing away Lizbeth thread, too precious to throw away. Good luck with the trim and the tatted motifs look good.

  15. Can't wait to see the edging on your coat. It'll be fab. Love your celtic tat!

  16. Beautiful work as always. Can't wait to see how the jacket turns out.

    I have yet to try and pick up beads the way that you suggested--I think that baby would very much disapprove.

    Your kitty is beautiful as always. I'm not so jealous now that I have a kitten sleeping on my husband's lap as I type :)

  17. Sally - That thread is from a bad batch that breaks, splits, twists and I think actually spits!

    Do not worry! I am far too practical to be throwing anything of real value in the garbage. This thread is BAD! (Still have not actually thrown it out, though!)
    Fox : )

  18. The Celtic heart and Sharon's wonderful snowflake look excellent in Caribbean! I'm very impressed that Rozella perfected this Celtic technique, and it's quite effective, but I'm still struggling with it on the pumpkin!

    I've tatted that vintage edging many times, and It's kind of fun to do - it keeps your interest. And it will look great on the sleeves! The Cebelia should work out fine, although I think black thread generally is a challenge!

    Gian looks so sweet - sleeping! Don't tell him I used the word 'sweet'!!!

  19. Kathy, Shhhh - I wouldn't dare! Fox : )