Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dental Designs

My dentist is a really great guy and NEVER administers pain!  I always get so frozen that it is a miracle that I regain any feeling after those mega-shots!

So, next week, when I get a filling, (ugh) I will give him a book that I enjoyed that I think he might like as well, and I had the thought to tat a simple Rosemary Peel bookmark to put in the book.

I never did hear if the black one I tatted a couple of weeks ago was enjoyed by its male recipient, so this is another gamble.  It has a hefty feel. Masculine enough?

That filling better not hurt...

The burgundy thread is silk from Krystledawne 
and the sparkly - Altin Basak, from Suneeti.

I was not pleased with this the first time I tatted it and had a lot of trouble finishing the pattern - as usual.  I get so turned around ...  At any rate, the pink one came out to my satisfaction, with far fewer mistakes.

Sometimes I have to leave the beads alone and concentrate on the pattern which I find does become distorted to a certain extent when you add the beads. The heavier thread also made this one easier to tat.

It is a Susanne Schwenke pattern.  
The thread is Altin Basak, #50, also from Suneeti, as were the gold beads. 


  1. Your pink flake is so sweet!

    I am very interested in hearing your Dentist's reaction to his bookmark. My OB/GYN (a male) thinks I am funny when I bring tatted doodles in for the office. They are posted on the bulletin board and get lots of comments. His staff really likes them.

  2. Your tatting is beautiful. What a kind gesture for your dentist who treats you with gentleness. Happy tatting...

  3. Your bookmark is awesome! :) And the pink motif is beautiful!!! :)

  4. That pink flake is lovely - such a pretty shape!
    Will you tell the dentist you tatted the bookmark? It's so neat and perfect, he might not realise... And yes, very manly!
    (Good luck at the dentist. I just had an implant, of all things - and I'm still alive to tell the tale. More or less ;o) )

  5. The bookmarks are lovely and despite beign female I think the colours you've chosen are very classy & elegant ;o)

    The SS motifs are lovely I still like the multi-coloured one best I think :o)

  6. I'm guessing he'll really like it. Dentists and doctors probably don't often receive gifts from patients. Plus, it is so pretty!


  7. I had my dad look at your masculine bookmark. He approved. That's really saying something since I asked him if I could tat him something and he just shook his head and said, "Umm, that's alright" (He thinks all my tatting is "girly")

  8. Pretty in pink pattern!
    I think the bookmark is quite masculine.

  9. Woo hoo! Thanks, Everyone, (especially jess's dad), who said that the bookmark is masculine! I feel quite confident now about leaving it in the book. : ))

  10. very nice bookmark :) it is definitely a masculine bookmark, I am sure he will like it :) I love the snowflakes, very nice :X I am back from vacation, computer seems to be running alright, hope to have pics up soon :X

  11. I never thought of giving a book with a tatted bookmark. I will keep it in mind for Christmas presents for men. Your bookmark is very masculine and the pink snowflake looks different from the first one but I love both just as much!! Hope you are having fun with Susanne's patterns.

  12. By the way ... I am not giving him NEW book! I am not that generous! I am passing along a book that I bought and read and figured I would pass along. I do not collect books anymore, but pass them along. Usually I go to the library, anyway.

    However, I LOVE umintsuru's idea about giving a book as a gift, and including a tatted bookmark! Brilliant, umintsuru!
    Fox : )