Thursday, September 8, 2011

Playing The Game For Max

Check this out at  Frivolité de Corinne.  

#15 Motif Challenge
Coats #30 and
 Karey Solomon's HDT (NOW GONE!)

This is the first part and I believe the second is now on the blog. 
It is pretty and a fun tat. 


  1. Ooh! I like that thread! And what's that? Beads? I'm so surprised! ; )

  2. I love those colours together! Really unusual but it speaks to me :-). Is it an HDT, what is it called? I feel like I want to play too now.

  3. pretty!! Love the beads added.

  4. Looks good! What color for the next round?

  5. Thanks, Everyone!
    I had forgotten to add the bit about the thread - now done. I got a lot of mileage out of that skein of thread, but it must have been quite old when I bought it two years ago, as it has always had a tendency to break. Karey had told me it was from an old batch. Oh well, it's all finished now. : )

  6. I think Karey is coming to Fringe Tatters, so perhaps you can restock your HDT stash from her selection? (Crossing fingers that she will be vending.)

    You motif is so beautiful! Can't take my eyes off the screen. What will you do for round 2 if the HDT is now gone? (See how limited my thinking is? Your creative juju is strong!)

  7. This is very pretty as it is even without further rounds and thnaks for the link to the blog

  8. Thanks to play fox
    I love your color and with beads is very beautiful, your tatting are very very nice!
    I like it!!!

  9. Yes I saw it too, yours is lovely, have not had time to make mine.

    Lovely colours and beads. well done