Monday, September 26, 2011

Mimicking Miranda

I am so trying to make my stitches small, tight and neat - like the ones in Tatting Fool's  Maple Leaf bookmark, that I keep fondling and admiring.  I'm afraid I am not there yet, but the family gift bookmarks are done, and I am pleased with them.
Here is the third one:

Thread: Coral Rose #20, 
by LadyShuttleMaker
Pattern is from Jane in South Africa
(That is all the info I have on this! )

p.s. With apologies to Jane in South Africa, I realize I changed the pattern, for I see that the small ring should have only ONE picot and I have given it THREE! 

Then came the last one.

I chose Rosemary Peel's 'Jessie'  pattern, as I found it masculine enough.  There are beads down the centre that I hesitated to add, but they are a very dark cobalt that I decided would enhance the black thread, without being too flash.  I like them.

This one also incorporates some of the fancy metallic thread that Suneeti insisted I take samples of this summer.  I am glad I did; it is really effective and can be used with #20 or #30, but I do not know what it is!  I think it is Turkish. Suneeti?

As far as trying to emulate the stitching of Tatting Fool:
This is her lovely tatting:                                             I came up with this.

This is Karey Solomon's pattern and thread. Both are wonderful.  I love this pattern and did not do it justice, as I made a lot of joining errors; I will try this one again.


  1. Pretty, as always. I don't see anything wrong with your stitches. Tension is such a personal thing; what works for one person may not for another. I personally don't try to make my stitches a certain way, but to each his (or her) own.

    Your 'masculine' bookmark is very nice. The beads are a nice touch. I wonder if the metallic thread is Oren Bayan metallic (this is Turkish). If so, it is a nice thread to tat with.

  2. Great bookmarks and great leaf! I really like the leaf colors! :)

  3. I think you are doing a splendid job of it!

  4. very nice bookmarks Fox, you always pick really good colors. where would I find the pattern for the bookmark by JaneS? Thanks

  5. I think your leaf looks great. I enlarged it and it still looks great. Your bookmarks look good, too. If the family doesn't read, maybe the bookmarks could be framed and hung on the wall :)

  6. The threads are the Altin Basak Nakis Simi Turkish threads that Lyn Morton sells on her website. You have all six colours. And the reason I insisted? - there is heaps of thread on each reel and this way the stuff gets used!! Now, aren't you glad I insisted ...


  7. Wow, Fox, you are *such* a busy bee!

    I love all four of your bookmarks. The manly one is stunning, the daffodil one is as sunny as it gets, I love the way the colours play in the Chinese coin one... That variegated, and the one in the last leaf are just amazing!

    Here is a link to the famous "Jane in South Africa" bookmark - it is one of those genius designs one keeps coming back to! Read Jane Eborall's blog post about it, it is based on an edging published in Anne magazine in May 1984.

  8. Thanks, Everyone!

    Suneeti, Yes, once again, you were right! I AM glad I greedily helped myself to that thread. It is wonderful. You should try it!

    Ladytats, well, creativasuculencia has fulfilled your request!
    Fox : )

  9. Lovely bookmarks... and I can't see what is wrong with your tatting looks great to mine, wish mine was as consistent!

  10. Your tatting looks gorgeous, Fox. As for the 'joining errors' in the maple leaf, well, it's just like nature.....every leaf is different and unique. Love the bookmarks, too.

  11. It's all pretty... Seems like your tatting gets better every time!!

    Keep it up!

  12. I have to huff and puff to keep up with you! You do so much tatting (and posting!), but you're also way too critical of your work! Kerry's leaf pattern is excellent, and her thread is gorgeous. You did a great job tatting it, and I would never know you had 'join errors'!

    Thanks for your note about my 'Twilight Zone' state of mind about the blog photos! (Always glad to provide a chuckle or two!) I thought I was back there again when they quickly changed BACK to the 'normal' double-click system (for now)!

    Just as I was getting used to it, they 'rolled back' the new system (called 'Lightbox') to 'make improvements' in response to 'feedback'! It seemed to me that no one even noticed Lightbox, let alone provided feedback! Who knows what they'll come up with next! I agree we have no choice but to go along for the ride.

  13. They are all gorgeous, and lovely choice of colours and threads as always.

    Your tatting is always so neat and tidy I dont think you have anything to worry about as to the tension.