Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Firus - Finally!

Jon's Firus
This took me a LONG time.  Although the five rings are the same as the ones I tatted in Ladytat's bookmark, with no problems, in this pattern the same configuration confounded me.

In despair, I even emailed Jon late one night for help!  I just could not get the thing right.

It's not perfect, by any means, but it is done.  i enjoyed working in a solid colour with no beads for a change.  It is tatted in Lizbeth #40.


Speaking of Lizbeth, I have cleaned out a lot of old, faulty Lizbeth #20 from my stash, which does make it seem quite manageable.  There is a story here, but I will hold back on that for later.

Next up: MAIL!

I received a wonderful package in the post last Friday, from Tatting Fool

There was a long message and a fantastic bookmark(Maple Leaf!) inside the cat-card, as well as a gift certificate for B-E-A-D-S! I am going to have such fun.

Miranda's tatting is impeccable and I keep looking at the lovely even stitches in her work.  

That orange piece of cord is a gift for Gian - a harp string.  Words cannot describe how much he is enjoying this unusual toy...

He can balance on his hind legs for an inordinate amount of time!

Lastly, Tatting Fool has sent me a David Reed Smith, Maple shuttle - just perfect for a Canadian. It will be wound with the Tatskool's brilliant Flame Lantana HDT that she also included in this amazing package. 

I am convinced that I was able to tat Firus only because of the magic of this superb shuttle, which is a joy to use.

Thank you, Tatting Fool.  I love it all.


  1. very pretty Firus Fox,
    been trying to catch up reading blogs after being gone,

  2. You're so welcome!

    I'm amazed that you can manage to take pictures of Gian while holding the harp string. I've never been able to get a picture of Squijum while we play with any kind of interactive toy.

    The snowflake looks good.

  3. Even if it is not perfect in your eyes, I think it's beautiful. After all, it is blue! Enjoy your new shuttle. Aren't they amazingly light? I agree... maple was the perfect choice!

  4. The color for Firus is gorgeous!! It looks like a tough pattern so congratulations for finishing.

  5. Looks like someone is having fun with the harp string:) The motif is lovely and the I love this color of Lizbeth, it is so rich and vibrant. Enjoy your new shuttle!

  6. Oh Gian!

    Je t'aime. I will share my catnip ball with you.


  7. What a nice gift package! Love the snowflake!

  8. It's all so pretty, Fox!

    Very happy to see you successfully finished Jon's pattern - looks great!

    Lucky lady you are.. wood shuttles are awesome!

  9. What lovely gifts and love the motif, beautiful colour. She getting bigger and playful, I hope she helps you with your tatting!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing her lovely photos.

  10. In the nicest, most pleasant way possible, I must say that I'm very, VERY jealous of your new shuttle!!! I've been eyeing them lately myself ;)
    Firus is lovely, & if I was going to have a cat, I'd hope for it to be as entertaining as Gian :)

  11. That's a really great snowflake! I like the color! :)

  12. Superbe navette! ! Le modèle Firus est sympa et je fais plein de caresses à Gian.....

  13. Lovely gifts, especially the shuttle.
    Also well done with the pattern, I give up too easierly on patterns that I can't fathom out!

  14. Merci beaucoup , everybody! I love the comments.. : ) Fox

  15. I love so much blue and your blue tatting is wonderful!
    the cat is fun!!